Dracul remembers the Chernobyl incident of 1986; Luke to give speech at 8pm

For the women working at the wool processing facility in Chernihiv, northern Ukraine, spring was always the busiest time of year. During the annual sheep shearing season, the plant processed over 21,000 tons of wool from farms all around the country. The months of April and May of 1986 were no different.

The employees worked 12-hour shifts sorting raw fleece heaps by hand before washing and baling them. The women, on the other hand, began to fall ill.

Some people experienced nosebleeds, while others experienced dizziness and nausea. When the authorities arrived to investigate, they discovered radiation levels of up to 180mSv/hr in the factory. In many regions of the world today, somebody exposed at these levels would exceed the entire annual dose considered safe in less than a minute.

However, Chernihiv was thought to be well outside the hurriedly erected exclusion zone around the crippled plant, and radiation readings elsewhere in the town had indicated it to have relatively low levels of radiation.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was 50 miles away. On April 26, 1986, the power plant’s reactor number four exploded, exposing the core and releasing clouds of radioactive material into the surrounding area as a fire burnt out of control.

Sweden was the first nation to detect radiation within their borders, which quickly gave up the attempt to cover up the disaster on the Soviet Union’s part. Many nations, including the United States began to watch and monitor their own airspace, as it was feared that radiation could spread as far as the California coast.

Throughout the investigation, and up until the fall of the Soviet Union, the number of reported deaths remained at 50, however the United Nations believed those numbers to be much higher.

In an attempt to clean up as much as possible, both volunteers and conscripts were sent in to handle the radiation issue. These people – who became known as “liquidators” due to the official Soviet definition of “participant in liquidation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident consequences” – were given a special status that meant they would receive benefits such as extra healthcare and payments. Official registries indicate that 600,000 people were granted liquidator status.

President Luke is set to give a speech reflecting on the disaster this evening at 8pm central, located on the KBRN YouTube channel.

Dracul State Department limits new mutual recognition for micronations

APRIL 20, 2022 – The Department of State of the Commonwealth of Dracul has ceased the online application process for micronations wishing to establish mutual recognition with Dracul. Prior to this decision, micronational leaders had the ability to apply for recognition on Draculgov.com, if they met the requirements outlined by the Department of State.

The decision was made by the Office of the President, in conjunction with Secretary of State Valeriano Anibarro, during a phone conference on April 19, 2022. Both offices felt this was a necessary move, due to various issues that come with mutual recognition.

The primary reason for this decision was based on how President Luke explained it, which was due to the fact that most micronations that receive recognition usually disappear, without further contact with the mutual micronation. At times, micronations will not continue to pursue additional steps, such as trade agreements, alliances, or mutual projects to better one another’s nation.

Recognition will now be offered by Dracul on a case by case basis, to micronations who show a continued interest, such as support in campaigns, projects, alliances, and longevity. This is a similar practice carried out by other micronations, such as Molossia and Westarctica.

Micronations that are currently recognized will be evaluated this week on the basis of shown continued interest, communication, and support. Those who do not make the cut will lose recognition.

Dracul Founding Mother gives birth to first daughter

MOLDAVIA, SOUTH DRACUL – On the evening of Easter 2022, Founding Mother Kassie Hood gave birth to her first daughter, Delilah at 7:08pm local time, weighting 8 pounds, 12 ounces. This after a few days of a birth delay, but certainly in time for a special day.

Ironically, Delilah was born in Webster, Texas, which is approximately 5 minutes from the border of South Dracul.

It was a moment of joy, with some somber parts, as Aaron Hood the father, unfortunately passed last year due to a motorcycle collision. Kassie was surrounded by family and friends, which certainly gave her the strength needed at this crucial time in her life.

Founding Mother Kassie Hood with Delilah

A birth certificate was issued by the Dracul Department of Health and Human Services, signed by Naturalization Director Charles Ross, which will be provided physically to Kassie in the next several days.

Several Draculians and foreign officials showed their support by congratulating Kassie on the Dracul Discord server, where she normally maintains communication with others, since her resignation as South Dracul Governor.

Delilah is the fifth born Draculian, with all other citizens being naturalized, including the founders. As with all babies born to current Draculians, Delilah is automatically a citizen, who will be able to decide at a much older age whether they wish to keep their Draculian citizenship or not.

Dracul Recognition of Venezuela’s 2015 National Assembly and Interim President Guaidó

APRIL 18, 2022 – The Commonwealth of Dracul continues to acknowledge Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president and the legally elected 2015 National Assembly as the final remaining democratic institution. We applaud the accord agreed to extend the power of the National Assembly, which was elected in 2015, and its president, interim President Juan Guaidó.

The Commonwealth of Dracul stands with the people of Venezuela in their aspiration for a peaceful return to democracy through free and fair elections. The Venezuelan people have been robbed of democratic self-determination due to the Maduro regime’s pattern of political repression, pervasive human rights violations, and significant limits on political and civil society actors and freedom of expression. We support the Unitary Platform’s and other actors’ efforts in Venezuela to restore democratic order and the rule of law.

We urge Nicolás Maduro to re-enter the Mexico negotiations in good faith and for the sake of the Venezuelan people. We advocate international cooperation in order to alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people and end the humanitarian problems in the country.

Commendation issued to college student mauled in dog attack

COPPELL, TEXAS – President Stephen Luke presented to Jacqueline Durand a Certificate of Commendation, on the grounds of bravery and strength Friday morning, after President Luke learned of an incident involving Durand.

Durand was attacked by two malicious dogs in February of 2022, according to multiple news sources, her family, and her attorney. Durand agreed to dog sit the two dogs while the owners went out of town, however upon arrival to the owner’s house, the dogs began to attack her nose, cheeks, lips, and extremities.

The attack left Durand disfigured and nearly unconscious, requiring police and EMS to rescue her from the house, along with multiple surgeries.

Certificate of Commendation from President Luke to Durand

“Although Jacqueline is not a Draculian, I feel that someone of that courage, strength, and determination to survive deserves recognition from a government official, especially being within the same macro-state as us.” said President Luke. “I wrote her a letter, letting her know that she is in our prayers, as well as the Certificate of Commendation”. he added.

Since Durand’s residence is too far from Dracul to travel to, the letter and certificate are being sent first class mail to Durand’s mailbox.

President Luke initially reached out over social media to apologize for the incident that Durand experienced.

President Luke signs “Draculians First” executive order into law

THE BRAN HOUSE – President Luke signed into law on Monday evening Executive Order 11, which aims at putting current Dracul citizens first in terms of job recruiting, as opposed to those who are non-citizens seeking a job.

President Luke said the order was necessary to direct all Executive Branch departments to first review Draculians, in an effort to make active the citizens who are currently inactive.

“What we’re doing here is making sure that our current citizens get a fair shot at the jobs we have opened.” said President Luke. “We’re certainly open to inviting those outside our nation into Dracul, however they will of course have to receive citizenship first.” he ended.

The change does not exclude non-Draculians from applying, so long as they are approved for citizenship before they are offered a job. In the past, non-Draculians have applied for positions, causing other applicants to get put in a waiting line, sometimes longer than others, especially if non-citizens had to wait for citizenship.

“We just want to make sure we build relations and give opportunity to those already with us and I think that’s quite fair honestly.” said the President.

All applicants will be judged on their skills, experience, and dedication. No word yet on if human resources will make these changes to current open positions or future ones.

Westarctica PM to guest on Micro Impovement’s diplomacy episode

The Duke of the Bear Peninsula accepted his invite onto the Micro Improvement podcast last week, as Episode 4: Diplomacy and Relations is expected to take place on April 8th at 7pm central.

Luke chose Prime Minister Farmer of Westarctica as the guest, due to his experience in micronationalism, his connection with Grand Duke Travis, as well as his prior assistance to Dracul and Luke.

“I think a position such as Prime Minister, in addition to someone who’s communicated on behalf of a distinguished micronation, is a great choice for the subjects of diplomacy and relations.” said Stephen Luke, host of Micro Improvement. “We’ve got a great podcast with many listeners and subscribers, who want to hear about the experience and advice from others.” he added.

Micro Improvement is a podcast, which was started by Stephen Luke and Connor Modena, in an effort to provide advice to micronationalists, both new and current, about taking proper steps in the development of micronations. The podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor.fm, and Apple podcasts, free of charge.

Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica is expected to be the next guest on Episode 5, which is set to cover the topic of income in micronationalism. No word yet on that date or time.