President Luke signs “Draculians First” executive order into law

THE BRAN HOUSE – President Luke signed into law on Monday evening Executive Order 11, which aims at putting current Dracul citizens first in terms of job recruiting, as opposed to those who are non-citizens seeking a job.

President Luke said the order was necessary to direct all Executive Branch departments to first review Draculians, in an effort to make active the citizens who are currently inactive.

“What we’re doing here is making sure that our current citizens get a fair shot at the jobs we have opened.” said President Luke. “We’re certainly open to inviting those outside our nation into Dracul, however they will of course have to receive citizenship first.” he ended.

The change does not exclude non-Draculians from applying, so long as they are approved for citizenship before they are offered a job. In the past, non-Draculians have applied for positions, causing other applicants to get put in a waiting line, sometimes longer than others, especially if non-citizens had to wait for citizenship.

“We just want to make sure we build relations and give opportunity to those already with us and I think that’s quite fair honestly.” said the President.

All applicants will be judged on their skills, experience, and dedication. No word yet on if human resources will make these changes to current open positions or future ones.