Commendation issued to college student mauled in dog attack

COPPELL, TEXAS – President Stephen Luke presented to Jacqueline Durand a Certificate of Commendation, on the grounds of bravery and strength Friday morning, after President Luke learned of an incident involving Durand.

Durand was attacked by two malicious dogs in February of 2022, according to multiple news sources, her family, and her attorney. Durand agreed to dog sit the two dogs while the owners went out of town, however upon arrival to the owner’s house, the dogs began to attack her nose, cheeks, lips, and extremities.

The attack left Durand disfigured and nearly unconscious, requiring police and EMS to rescue her from the house, along with multiple surgeries.

Certificate of Commendation from President Luke to Durand

“Although Jacqueline is not a Draculian, I feel that someone of that courage, strength, and determination to survive deserves recognition from a government official, especially being within the same macro-state as us.” said President Luke. “I wrote her a letter, letting her know that she is in our prayers, as well as the Certificate of Commendation”. he added.

Since Durand’s residence is too far from Dracul to travel to, the letter and certificate are being sent first class mail to Durand’s mailbox.

President Luke initially reached out over social media to apologize for the incident that Durand experienced.