Dracul Founding Mother gives birth to first daughter

MOLDAVIA, SOUTH DRACUL – On the evening of Easter 2022, Founding Mother Kassie Hood gave birth to her first daughter, Delilah at 7:08pm local time, weighting 8 pounds, 12 ounces. This after a few days of a birth delay, but certainly in time for a special day.

Ironically, Delilah was born in Webster, Texas, which is approximately 5 minutes from the border of South Dracul.

It was a moment of joy, with some somber parts, as Aaron Hood the father, unfortunately passed last year due to a motorcycle collision. Kassie was surrounded by family and friends, which certainly gave her the strength needed at this crucial time in her life.

Founding Mother Kassie Hood with Delilah

A birth certificate was issued by the Dracul Department of Health and Human Services, signed by Naturalization Director Charles Ross, which will be provided physically to Kassie in the next several days.

Several Draculians and foreign officials showed their support by congratulating Kassie on the Dracul Discord server, where she normally maintains communication with others, since her resignation as South Dracul Governor.

Delilah is the fifth born Draculian, with all other citizens being naturalized, including the founders. As with all babies born to current Draculians, Delilah is automatically a citizen, who will be able to decide at a much older age whether they wish to keep their Draculian citizenship or not.