History made; Breco gains independence from Dracul

REZNINSK – Micronations declaring independence is a common practice among those seeking sovereignty. What’s not so common are declarations of independence from other micronations.

The Irish Federation of Breco, a now former territory of Dracul for close to a year made the decision to act on independence, due to the fact that the nation was well established, fully governed, military service was in effect, and land was owned, as President Luke explained it.

“It’s bitter sweet to see Breco depart, however we are maintaining positive relations and will be working on an alliance together.” said President Luke. “Breco is ready and we support them. This is exactly how independence in micronationalism is suppose to happen.” he ended.

A treaty of mutual recognition was signed earlier this morning between the two nations, marking the first time a former territory of Dracul created relations.

Federation Marshal Scott Jeanes gave his best wishes for Dracul, citing the soon to be NACO alliance as a way for the two nations to work together militarily. Jeanes is also a co-founder of the NACO alliance.

With Jeanes remaining a Founding Father of Dracul, his citizenship will be maintained, in addition to his Guardian of Dracul status. Vice President Modena, a co-founder of Breco, also will remain a citizen in his role as Vice President for Dracul.