Dracul Celebrates its own Victory Day with color guard parade and speech

FORT HOWIE – Many people around the world know May 9th as the day of victory for the Russians conquering Nazi Germany, however fewer know about Dracul’s own conflict in 2018, which resulted in a victory on the same exact day, without intention.

May 9th for Dracul celebrates the victory over the Dracul Confederacy, a rebel group which formed in early April 2018, which targeted religious peoples by Intelligence Director Al Fare.

While some of the incident was simulated as a means of understanding micronational war, Al Fare did in fact have a distaste for religious peoples, citing his atheism as his reasons.

The 2022 celebration kicked off in North Dracul, at the labyrinth location. The ceremony included a few attendees, as well as President Stephen Luke and Naval Commander Mark Millner.

Due to the ongoing macro conflict with Russia, the music was changed this year from Russian to Romanian and German. The event lasted about 35 minutes, under the hot Texas heat of 88F. Luckily for the color guard they came prepared with water and food, taking frequent breaks.

Due to COVID-19, there was not a Victory Day Parade in 2020. One did take place in 2021, however was attended by only a few, due to the continued scare from the pandemic.

This year’s event is also available on the KBRN YouTube Channel for those who could not attend in person. The broadcast is set to begin around 2:45-3:00pm, due to a few technical issues.