How Nicholas II is tied in with Dracul today

You may have noticed that every year, Dracul hosts the Nicholas II Memorial Service on July 17th. This may seem odd for a democracy to host, given that it has no current ties to any monarchist powers, other than Vlad Tepes, who is the “Uncle Sam” of Dracul.

Before Dracul’s launch on September 25, 2017, the two initial founders, Stephen Luke and Dmitri Howie decided to link their heritage into Dracul, to allow them to connect better with their newly created nation at the time.

While Stephen Luke’s connection was Romanian, based on his birth place and ancestry, Howie’s connections came mostly from Russia, through his father. Although Howie had no connection to the Romanov Dynasty, Howie felt it was more appropriate to connect Dracul to Imperial Russia, instead of today’s corrupt and former Soviet government.

While it’s clear that Nicholas II was not the strongest leader of Russia, his respect and love for his people is still something that is appreciated and respected to this day by many.

With both Luke and Howie experiencing communism in Russia and Romania, both felt Nicholas II was an icon to respect, given the fact that his life ended at the hands of communism. This is a major reason as to why Dracul does not establish relations with socialist or communist micronations; because it conflicts with Dracul founder beliefs.

In 2018, Nicholas II was made the Patron Saint of Dracul, which is why he now appears on Dracul’s banknotes, has his own holiday, and is respected within the community, along with “God Save the Tsar” hymn performed during certain Dracul holidays.

This year, the Nicholas II Memorial Service was cancelled due to a low in person attendance, along with ongoing health issues of President Luke, who was the host of the event. The holiday is expected to proceed in 2023.

Dracul’s Foreign Policy reminder for foreign officials and governments

The Secretary of State, in conjunction with the Executive Office of the President, would like to remind all foreign officials and governments that Dracul has a strict policy on contacting high leadership, such as the President and Vice President.

Prior to the end of last year, Dracul made a policy stating that in order to contact the President/Vice President, that contact must first be made with the President’s personal secretary, his cabinet, or the Secretary of State.

The President had a high volume of email and messenger chats earlier this week and asked that all be reminded of this policy, as not only is he recovering from a recent medical issue, but the fact that his work load is higher than usual.

This policy helps organize contact with other foreign officials. When the President is overwhelmed by unsolicited emails and requests for recognition, these messages may become lost or forgotten about. While some may feel their need for contact is urgent, it may in actuality not need the attention of the President or Vice President.

To make proper contact or request a meeting with the President/Vice President, typically for urgent matters, contact information is provided below:

We certainly appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you in advance for your respect to our policy.

Bran House Operations Director

Bruce Cooper –

President’s Secretary

Katelynn Arnold –

Chief of Staff

Scott Jeanes –

Secretary of State

Valeriano Anibarro –

President Luke rushed to hospital; suspected heart attack

HOUSTON – President Luke was rushed to Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital yesterday evening, with complaints of chest pain, arm tingling, shortness of breath, and an elevated heart rate of 115.

A 911 call was made by the President from a nearby mall, which resulted in medics running an EKG scan, which showed unusual activity with the President’s heart.

Upon arrival, the President was triaged, however due to an overwhelming medical system, remained in the waiting room for up to three hours before an x-Ray and blood test were taken.

The President ended up walking out after almost a seven hour wait, without being given a room or additional attention for a suspected heart attack.

“The medics said I had a suspected heart attack, yet the hospital treated me like I had a paper cut and put me at the bottom of the list.” said President Luke. “No updates were given, no fluids; it was a terrible experience.” he added.

The President made the decision to leave, after his symptoms began disappearing. He did state however that should his symptoms return, that he would return, but to an urgent care instead.

This is the first time the President has experienced heart related issues, or symptoms of this nature. It is unknown if his family history has these issues.

Currently the President is resting at home, taking a few days off from his duties to fully recover.

Opinion: A different way of explaining micronationalism to others

I think we’ve all had an issue at one point or another, explaining micronationalism to those who don’t belong to the community, let alone who’ve never heard of it before. In many instances the concept is compared to roleplay and make-believe.

You can try explaining in many ways, including statements such as, “We have the right to claim independence”, or “America did it from Great Britain, so we can too.” and so on and so forth, however those statements typically leave you with eye brow raising individuals, or self-declared scholars, giving references to international laws, the United Nations, recognition requirements, etc.

I have a close friend who just couldn’t wrap his head around the idea of micronationalism. I would send our news, images, events, and other things to him, mainly due to the fact that he was a citizen and joined out of respect to our friendship. The issue with that was the fact that he joined something he didn’t understand, something I feel many micronational citizens do.

What started as a simple conversation ended in debate and frustration towards one another. I’d explain how micronationalism was more of a political statement than an ideology, but he’d find ways to pick apart my rebuttals. After explaining micronations having a purpose and reason for existing, he began to come around, using references to better understand the whole picture of this unique community.

“Ah, so in concept, it is kinda like the Masonic lodge, which had its own membership protocols and rites and rituals and oaths… and a particular ideology among its members who each had their own role to play in the transformation of the world, according to the communal will of its members?” my friend asked. I had honestly never thought of this comparison before, but after thinking it over, it was accurate to me.

“Just taking the playbook from macro-nations” I replied. “So in essence, the Masonic lodge was a first micronation. Of course they couldn’t call themselves any kind of nation, for fear of the kings.” my friend stated. His understanding began to take shape more and more as the conversation went on.

I was pretty glad to finally hear an explanation that could finally not be argued, as far as I was concerned. Micronationalism is such a unique part of life, that it can be difficult to explain it to those who’ve never fully experienced it. Its concept isn’t explained on the news, in schools, or any other area for that matter. In order to understand, you have to WANT to understand it.

“The opinions I at first expressed about micronations being perceived by the public as roleplaying games could actually be quite useful from a secretive revolutionary standpoint, I suppose.” my friend stated. “Forming alliances with like-minded micronations could be equivalent to the different lodges associated with the Masonic grand lodge, I’d suppose. Of course this association with historical Freemasonry would only apply if there were a shared revolutionary goal as was historically true of the Freemasons. The analogy does help me to comprehend this otherwise quite nebulous subject.” he ended.

Not everyone may agree with this approach, or this view on explaining micronationalism, but in my case it certainly helped ease the understanding and void out the previous mockery and laughing I had received. I’m sure there are even better ways of explaining it, however given the fact that this community has a hard time being received in a positive or serious light, there can never be too many ways of explaining who we are and what we are doing.

Dracul-Austenasia visit results in mutual recognition and friendship

BRAN DISTRICT – The nations of Dracul and Austenasia came together late this morning, for an official in person state visit, while battling the rain and a few technical issues. A heavy rainstorm began as the two heads of state arrived, however quick moving and an umbrella allowed the event to proceed on time.

Prime Minister William Wilson of Austenasia, along with President Luke of Dracul met around 11:00 this morning and carpooled to Bran District, the Capital of Dracul.

The state visit started with both dignitaries walking into Bran House, pausing for their national anthems, then proceeded to sign a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship. Both expressed their appreciation for the treaty, while a phone call was made to His Imperial Majesty Jonathan I.

A tour was conducted of Dracul, showing the Prime Minister all of what Dracul has to offer, including its newly built wildlife preserve in North Dracul.

After departing Bran District, the two heads of state went on a tour of Dracul, with President Luke explaining each area. A gift of gratitude was given to Prime Minister Wilson for his travels to Dracul, resulting in food, water, and a few Draculian memorabilia items.

Next Saturday, a visit from Zar Antonov from Obscurium will take place at 2pm central.