Dracul-Austenasia visit results in mutual recognition and friendship

BRAN DISTRICT – The nations of Dracul and Austenasia came together late this morning, for an official in person state visit, while battling the rain and a few technical issues. A heavy rainstorm began as the two heads of state arrived, however quick moving and an umbrella allowed the event to proceed on time.

Prime Minister William Wilson of Austenasia, along with President Luke of Dracul met around 11:00 this morning and carpooled to Bran District, the Capital of Dracul.

The state visit started with both dignitaries walking into Bran House, pausing for their national anthems, then proceeded to sign a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship. Both expressed their appreciation for the treaty, while a phone call was made to His Imperial Majesty Jonathan I.

A tour was conducted of Dracul, showing the Prime Minister all of what Dracul has to offer, including its newly built wildlife preserve in North Dracul.

After departing Bran District, the two heads of state went on a tour of Dracul, with President Luke explaining each area. A gift of gratitude was given to Prime Minister Wilson for his travels to Dracul, resulting in food, water, and a few Draculian memorabilia items.

Next Saturday, a visit from Zar Antonov from Obscurium will take place at 2pm central.