How Nicholas II is tied in with Dracul today

You may have noticed that every year, Dracul hosts the Nicholas II Memorial Service on July 17th. This may seem odd for a democracy to host, given that it has no current ties to any monarchist powers, other than Vlad Tepes, who is the “Uncle Sam” of Dracul.

Before Dracul’s launch on September 25, 2017, the two initial founders, Stephen Luke and Dmitri Howie decided to link their heritage into Dracul, to allow them to connect better with their newly created nation at the time.

While Stephen Luke’s connection was Romanian, based on his birth place and ancestry, Howie’s connections came mostly from Russia, through his father. Although Howie had no connection to the Romanov Dynasty, Howie felt it was more appropriate to connect Dracul to Imperial Russia, instead of today’s corrupt and former Soviet government.

While it’s clear that Nicholas II was not the strongest leader of Russia, his respect and love for his people is still something that is appreciated and respected to this day by many.

With both Luke and Howie experiencing communism in Russia and Romania, both felt Nicholas II was an icon to respect, given the fact that his life ended at the hands of communism. This is a major reason as to why Dracul does not establish relations with socialist or communist micronations; because it conflicts with Dracul founder beliefs.

In 2018, Nicholas II was made the Patron Saint of Dracul, which is why he now appears on Dracul’s banknotes, has his own holiday, and is respected within the community, along with “God Save the Tsar” hymn performed during certain Dracul holidays.

This year, the Nicholas II Memorial Service was cancelled due to a low in person attendance, along with ongoing health issues of President Luke, who was the host of the event. The holiday is expected to proceed in 2023.