Dracul releases photos of its upcoming 2022 banknote series

BRAN DISTRICT – The Treasury Department of Dracul released a draft photo of the upcoming 2022 banknotes, set for release by October 2022. New banknotes have been on hold since last year, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, as well as a drop in sales, mostly due to the ongoing economic recession around the world.

Several differences will be seen with these new banknotes; other than a list of new icons presented on the notes, all currency will be green in order to cut ink costs and allow for a better brighter image. All banknotes up until now have been multicolored.

Dracul founders will be the new faces on the notes, since they devote much time to progressing the nation as as whole. It’s also an advertising opportunity for the founders, who’ve remained mostly out of sight when it comes to the micro community as a whole.

Another addition to this year’s series is the introduction to a new denomination; a 500 mark, which moved Vlad III from the 100 to the new 500. This allowed an additional person to be added to the banknotes as well.

Currency purchases will be available on draculgov.com when available. Currently, you can still purchase the 2021 series banknotes on the website.

The treasury department also urges people to be cautious when purchasing Draculian banknotes from others who are not part of the Dracul Treasury Department. Several websites have been observed in the past selling the notes, with no confirmation if they were legitimate.

All Dracul banknotes are watermarked and printed on specialty paper, not printer paper.

Recent poll shows Draculians in favor of Royal figurehead

BRAN DISTRICT – A national survey ended early Friday morning, showing an 83% majority of Dracul citizens in favor of adopting a ceremonial Prince to preserve Vlad’s history.

The idea was submitted to the Founder’s Committee from a close ally, who saw something missing from the community; a royal icon to continue the legacy and heraldry of Vlad Tepes, the national father of Dracul.

It’s not the first time that a monarchy has been discussed in Dracul; rather in 2019 chaos ended abruptly, as two individuals attempted to force a monarchy upon the Commonwealth. Since then the two individuals have departed, with one most recently being pardoned by President Luke.

“Dracul is based off a long royal dynasty in Romania.” said President Luke in a short news conference. “It was confusing to many how we could continue that royal legacy without having at least a ceremonial Prince to help us along the way.” he ended.

While a Prince is being considered now for adoption by the National Parliament, along with a transformation from Republic to Monarchy, Dracul will maintain its name, along with its current seals and government structure.

A few constitutional amendments will be required to legally hold the potential Prince to just a ceremonial role, as the plans are for them to operate in a diplomatic, historic, and caring way to citizens, foreign nations, and others. Other actions may include honors lists, state visits, MicroCon attendance, and many other opportunities.

Parliament is set to end their long recess in October, however there may be an emergency meeting called sooner, should Parliament members find this to be a matter needing an immediate response.

A candidate is under review by the Founder’s Committee, who was recommended by a Westarctican official, however that name is being withheld until Dracul officials make a final decision.

Citizen Services releases new survey for citizens, citing new potential changes

BRAN DISTRICT – Citizen Services released a survey on Monday night, which was emailed to citizens of North and South Dracul. The survey is said to bring significant changes to Dracul, which the community needs to voice their opinion on beforehand.

This survey is over the subject of a potential ceremonial figurehead, who’s main goal will be to represent the nation as Head of State, discuss diplomacy, bring video speeches to the citizens during special times, conduct ceremonies, and preserve the history of Vlad III.

This potential figurehead, specifically a Prince, will also represent the house’s bloodline that was ended shortly after Mihnea II the Turk’s death, which was in 1591. He was the last ruler of the House of Basarab.

There is a potential for a title change within the government, specifically for the President and Vice President, should this pass with the citizens and then the National Parliament. Chancellor and Vice Chancellor are the titles being proposed.

The potential monarch would have no governmental powers, be solely a representative of the nation and the royal bloodline, and continue the forgotten history of Wallachia, which is now present day Romania.

It is unknown if and when this plan will pass, or if someone has been nominated for the position. President Luke stated that he does not intend on accepting any nomination, mostly for the purposes of avoiding a conflict of interest and to avoid blurring the lines between royalty and government.

“We’re doing this now because for the longest time, we thought about the positive and negative impacts it could have on our community.“ said President Luke. “We feel the pros outweigh the cons. It didn’t make sense at the end to have Vlad as our icon, but have no royalty to represent him.” he ended.

Other changes that would occur include a government type, from Constitutional Republic to Constitutional Monarchy. If a citizen has not received a ballot for the survey, they should request one via email, at services@draculgov.com, providing their citizen number. Voting ends Friday at midnight, CDT.

Editor's Note: This is a developing story and article details may change throughout the development.

Dracul Updates: January-August 2022

January 8th: Dracul began the year with their first Presidential Inauguration, with Chief Justice Dennis Garza swearing in President Stephen Luke, via video conference. Vice President Connor Modena was absent due to work, however was sworn in by Chief Circuit Judge Whisper Williams two days later, via phone conference. Several micronations attended the historic event, such as West Who and Vishwamitra.

January 26th: Citizens of Bran District were relocated to either North or South Dracul State, after residency was removed from the district, due to Parliament designating the Capital as a government sector only. This decision was made after countless attempts to not only encourage citizenship activity, but operate a functioning city council failed. Citizens were given the option, however those who did not make a decision were automatically moved.

Draculians in Memory was launched on draculgov.com, in memory of those citizens and honorary members who passed away from previous years.

February 12th: President Stephen Luke delivered his first State of the Union address as President, mentioning notable people within the community, as well as Dracul’s accomplishments and future plans for the year.

February 20th: the Dracul Astronomical Research Agency began planning operations for the end of Summer 2022, by designating their agency’s missions and possible partners from other micronations. The goal was to create a database of solar system images taken from micronations.

March 23rd: Founding Mother Kassie Hood gives birth to her first daughter Delilah. Aaron Hood, late husband to Kassie Hood was added to the Draculians in Memory database.

April 12th: Dracul hosts a virtual state visit with Raphania, with head of state Charles Ross in attendance. The state visit lasted an hour.

May 9th: Dracul celebrated its annual May 9th victory parade, with a celebration in North Dracul. Several attended, with music, honors, and an announcement of upcoming events.

May 10th: Irish Federation of Breco declared its independence, marking a historic event of both nations. A treaty of mutual recognition and friendship were signed the same day.

May 29th: Parliamentary elections were held for North and South Dracul, with winners Paul Frye, Sarah Estrada, Bruce Cooper, and Kassie Hood.

June 22nd: North American Charter Organization (NACO) officially launched, providing data security and monitoring for its members.

July 2nd: Dracul hosted Austenasia in Dracul as a “state visit”, with William Willson, Prime Minister in attendance. A treaty of mutual recognition and friendship was also signed.

First European “MicroCon” to take place in Summer 2023

YPRES, BELGIUM – While there have been several forms of micronational conventions in Europe over the years, an official “MicroCon”, established by the organization’s committee has never been planned.

That is up until about a week ago, when committee organizers for the first time began planning for a first time European MicroCon for 2023, taking place in Ypres, Belgium.

While official dates and times have not yet been announced, we do know that Ladonia and Flandrensis are the organizers for this first time event. A few micronationalists have even mentioned intentions of attending both the North American and European conventions back to back.

Why Belgium you may ask? The main focus is on micronations from the Benelux, France and the UK so the location is in the center, but everyone is welcome. Ypres is also the most important city for the former British countries for World War 1 remembrance.

Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis, along with the Royal Family Princes

Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis, a micronationalist who has been in the community for over 10 years, has expressed his excitement about the event, citing not only will it be historical for Europe, but the first time a MicroCon has happened twice in one year.

Specific locations for the convention have not yet been announced, however a website is currently under development, which will provide dates, times, locations, and ticket prices.

MicroCon 2023 is taking place instead of 2024, due to the committee wanting to revert back to odd numbered years, since COVID threw the convention off track by a year.

This is a continuous coverage story. Details have been revised and updated due to errors. More details will be announced by KBRN as they are received.

MicroCon 2023 set to take place near “the Windy City”

An announcement for the location of MicroCon 2023 was made on Saturday, for the city of Joliet, Illinois. Queen Carolyn of Ladonia has been selected to host the event.

Dates and times have not yet been publicly announced, however it’s know that the target date is some time around the end of June.

Usually a large venue, such as a banquet hall or conference room are booked for these conventions. No word yet on if hotel rooms will be reserved for attendees.

President Luke of Dracul expressed his excitement for next year’s convention, stating his intentions on attending, and citing other Draculians in government living in Illinois, also determined to attend.

Ongoing health issues were the source for President Luke’s absence at this year’s convention.

Something new about this MicroCon is that a European version will launch just a few weeks after the American based one, giving European micronations the opportunity to attend a MicroCon; some for the first time.

Ladonia is expected to launch a website this week for the convention, providing more details on the event and its venue. Website will be posted here once available.

Editor’s note: This article has undergone multiple revisions since initial publication. Details changed and may continue to.

Another microcon in the books; concludes with new members

LAS VEGAS – Another well planned MicroCon proved successful for its organizers, as well as its attendees this year, as MicroCon concluded today, marking another one in the books for the bi-yearly event.

Approximately 20 micronations were in attendance, from all parts of the globe, including Europe, not just the United States region. Several age groups were also there, including teens, young adults, and senior citizens.

For many of the new attendees, this was the first time meeting other micronationalists, as well as receiving in person media attention. According to the attendees, the event went as planned, with many satisfied with the results.

The event started on the evening of the 5th of August, with a few awards being issued, but mostly as a formal dinner for the diplomats and heads of state. A grand opening for new micronationalists, and a reunion for others who hadn’t seen one another in years.

The media were said to have been respectful towards the heads of state, as well as towards micronationalism in general. Some media outlets have received backlash from the community over the years, due to their biased and odd ways of painting micronationalism in the public view.

An early day awaited the participants, as the convention began as early as 8AM for several.

Following the reception dinner, August 6th was the main event, with several presentations given by various micronations on various topics.

This event was an all day event, with more media and guests present, learning more about micronationalism and one another. Discussions ranged from a micronational hall of excellence to climate change.

Slowjamastan made its grand appearance, making a mark in not only its own history books, but the community’s as well. Kevin Baugh meeting with Randy Williams was an event, which both had been planning for quite some time.

Sunday afternoon concluded MicroCon 2022, with a bowling tournament between the heads of state and diplomats. A fun way for those to come together on the last day and share their goodbyes.

The next convention is planned for 2023, due to the organizers wanting to revert back to odd numbered years. The location has been set for Chicago.

MicroCon 2022 begins today with diplomatic reception

LAS VEGAS – Many micronationalists began arriving in Las Vegas last night, especially for those interested in attending Grand Duke Travis’s Welcome Party, which took place at his local residence.

The rest of the attendees arrived in the early morning hours from red-eye flights, prepared for today’s first official event, which is the diplomatic reception. The reception is from 6pm to 10pm, at the Red Rock Ballroom. A cash bar with light appetizers will be available, with the option for attendees to set up their display tables if they haven’t already done so.

Saturday, August 6th welcomes in the main event, also taking place at the Red Rock Ballroom, which is a business/semi-formal event. Certain attendees will give 10 minute presentations about micronationalism, with coffee breaks between each presentations. Lunch will take place from 12pm to 1pm.

A gala dinner and awards banquet awaits the attendees in the evening, from 7pm to 11pm, which will consist of a buffet dinner. There will be a cash bar and a keynote speaker. Attendees will have the opportunity to present awards and honors to their fellow micronationalists.

The convention will end on August 7th, with a bowling tournament taking place at the Sam’s Town bowling center from 10am to 1pm. A great way for micronationalists to continue discussions with one another and strengthen relations.

Sources say that the next MicroCon will take place in 2023, due to the convention organizers wanting to revert back to odd numbered years. The location has not yet been revealed, however we do know that it will also take place within the United States borders.

President Luke gives speech for those attending MicroCon 2022

HOUSTON – President Luke gave a short speech for those attending MicroCon 2022, due to his expected absence from the event, due to ongoing health issues and a busy work schedule.

Dracul was unable to find an available representative in the President’s place, so Dracul will not be attending the convention this year, either.

In President Luke’s speech, he addressed the importance of MicroCon for the micronational community, along with reasons for its importance. Other topics spoken on were professionalism, respect, and the news media’s interpretation of micronationalism.

MicroCon 2019, which took place in Hamilton, Canada. Many of those attendees are expected at Vegas 2022’s convention as well.

Most who read about micronationalism in the news typically see biased articles, describing the community as odd in weird in different variations. President Luke felt it was necessary to speak about these topics, since the community desires to be taken seriously.

The President finished his speech by wishing all of those attending much success in their educational and recruiting mission with non-micronationalists attending. While Dracul may not be present at the convention, several of their friends and mutually recognized nations will, which will mostly lead to Dracul being discussed at the convention.

The President stated he intends on attending the next convention in 2024.

Podcast to host Flandrensis’s Grand Duke on Awards Topic

Micro Improvement, a widely known podcast, hosted by Connor Modena and Stephen Luke, is set to host its next podcast this Friday, with Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis.

Season 2, Episode 1 will discuss micronational awards and medals. The episode aims to provide education on creating awards, ideas on when to issue them, and how to avoid them losing value.

The episode was suggested by Archduke Arthur of Duckionary, citing his views for a discussion needing to take place.

Most members in Micronationalism will tell you the community is filled with awards, however receiving them from some nations is not that challenging.

Several micronations have been critiqued over the years, with some stating that their awards are issued too frequently, for reasons many feel are not award worthy.

The episode and hosts do not plan on criticizing specific nations, but do plan on addressing that area, along with ways to develop well respected awards.

The show will air on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple podcasts, August 5th at 7pm central.