Podcast to host Flandrensis’s Grand Duke on Awards Topic

Micro Improvement, a widely known podcast, hosted by Connor Modena and Stephen Luke, is set to host its next podcast this Friday, with Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis.

Season 2, Episode 1 will discuss micronational awards and medals. The episode aims to provide education on creating awards, ideas on when to issue them, and how to avoid them losing value.

The episode was suggested by Archduke Arthur of Duckionary, citing his views for a discussion needing to take place.

Most members in Micronationalism will tell you the community is filled with awards, however receiving them from some nations is not that challenging.

Several micronations have been critiqued over the years, with some stating that their awards are issued too frequently, for reasons many feel are not award worthy.

The episode and hosts do not plan on criticizing specific nations, but do plan on addressing that area, along with ways to develop well respected awards.

The show will air on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple podcasts, August 5th at 7pm central.