President Luke gives speech for those attending MicroCon 2022

HOUSTON – President Luke gave a short speech for those attending MicroCon 2022, due to his expected absence from the event, due to ongoing health issues and a busy work schedule.

Dracul was unable to find an available representative in the President’s place, so Dracul will not be attending the convention this year, either.

In President Luke’s speech, he addressed the importance of MicroCon for the micronational community, along with reasons for its importance. Other topics spoken on were professionalism, respect, and the news media’s interpretation of micronationalism.

MicroCon 2019, which took place in Hamilton, Canada. Many of those attendees are expected at Vegas 2022’s convention as well.

Most who read about micronationalism in the news typically see biased articles, describing the community as odd in weird in different variations. President Luke felt it was necessary to speak about these topics, since the community desires to be taken seriously.

The President finished his speech by wishing all of those attending much success in their educational and recruiting mission with non-micronationalists attending. While Dracul may not be present at the convention, several of their friends and mutually recognized nations will, which will mostly lead to Dracul being discussed at the convention.

The President stated he intends on attending the next convention in 2024.