Another microcon in the books; concludes with new members

LAS VEGAS – Another well planned MicroCon proved successful for its organizers, as well as its attendees this year, as MicroCon concluded today, marking another one in the books for the bi-yearly event.

Approximately 20 micronations were in attendance, from all parts of the globe, including Europe, not just the United States region. Several age groups were also there, including teens, young adults, and senior citizens.

For many of the new attendees, this was the first time meeting other micronationalists, as well as receiving in person media attention. According to the attendees, the event went as planned, with many satisfied with the results.

The event started on the evening of the 5th of August, with a few awards being issued, but mostly as a formal dinner for the diplomats and heads of state. A grand opening for new micronationalists, and a reunion for others who hadn’t seen one another in years.

The media were said to have been respectful towards the heads of state, as well as towards micronationalism in general. Some media outlets have received backlash from the community over the years, due to their biased and odd ways of painting micronationalism in the public view.

An early day awaited the participants, as the convention began as early as 8AM for several.

Following the reception dinner, August 6th was the main event, with several presentations given by various micronations on various topics.

This event was an all day event, with more media and guests present, learning more about micronationalism and one another. Discussions ranged from a micronational hall of excellence to climate change.

Slowjamastan made its grand appearance, making a mark in not only its own history books, but the community’s as well. Kevin Baugh meeting with Randy Williams was an event, which both had been planning for quite some time.

Sunday afternoon concluded MicroCon 2022, with a bowling tournament between the heads of state and diplomats. A fun way for those to come together on the last day and share their goodbyes.

The next convention is planned for 2023, due to the organizers wanting to revert back to odd numbered years. The location has been set for Chicago.