American radio personality receives increased attention within micronationalism

Conversation has grown larger over the past couple of weeks within micronationalism, as a San Diego radio personality steers his micronation clear ahead into the micronational community.

Slowjamastan is an 11-acre parcel of property that runs beside State Route 78 in the California Desert. Randy Williams, the new owner, declared it a sovereign nation on Dec. 1, 2021. According to property records, he paid $19,000 for the site in October. Slowjamastan has experienced an influx of new citizens, as well as the development of diplomatic license plates, flags, and other items to help them expand their micronation’s image.

New micronations are an everyday occurrence within micronationalism, with most not being surprised when another one emerges. Many within the community have expressed their support in the newly created nation, while others took a more jealous approach of the quick success.

“I said if we have our own country, we can make our own laws, our own rules, hold people accountable,” Williams told a macro news company by phone on Thursday, speaking in what he called the “Slowjamastan accent.”

“Technically we are a dictatorship, I like to throw the hat around — the suggestion box if you will,” Williams said. “If I agree with the votes, the votes will survive. If not, I will strike it down with a vengeance.”

According to Williams, the micronation currently has 99 “citizens,” ranging from Americans to English residents and even a young girl from Zimbabwe. Free online citizenship applications are accepted 95% of the time, however the status comes with some restrictions.

“For example, you cannot wear Crocs into our nation,” Williams said. “There is a very heavy punishment for people who wear Crocs.”

What exactly Slowjamastan’s purpose is, and even what it will ultimately be, is unclear — even to Williams. Whether Slowjamastan will attempt partaking within the rest of the Micronational community, or keep to themselves as many of the more famous micronations do is unknown at this time.

  • Revision notice: Feb 8 – Sultan Williams is currently employed as a radio host, broadcasting 5 nights a week “Sunday Night Slow Jams”

First decline in users causes Facebook stock to drop 24%

Facebook’s stock plunge weighed on world markets yesterday, helping to drag down major stock indexes and reversing recent gains.

Shares in Meta, Facebook’s current owner, dropped 24% in Wednesday’s morning trading, as the company reported its largest loss of users in the history of the company.

This major drop caused the company’s overall value to drop 200 billion, which is larger than the entire Greek economy. This in turn caused Mark Zuckerberg to lose $29 billion from his own net worth.

US tech companies have come under mounting pressure in 2022, as investors expect policy tightening at the US federal reserve. This action is to erode the industry’s rich valuations following years of ultra low interest rates.

Government Officials and Citizen make trip to tour Dracul

A planned trip for a government official and citizen took place late Sunday morning, as a tour of Dracul, along with the embassy were provided by President Luke to the out of town visitors.

Naturalization Director Karl Frederick and citizen Mark Terrace arrived at 10:00am, where their tour began at the Dracul Houston Embassy. Shortly after their motorcade arrived in Dracul, where their first Dracul experience took place.

“It was a pleasant drive from Austin to Dracul this morning.” said Director Karl Frederick, who rode separately from citizen Mark Terrace. “With it being a Sunday morning there wasn’t much traffic.”

Upon their arrival, small tokens of appreciation were exchanged, such as President Luke receiving a Heimatian hand flag, with Frederick and Terrace receiving Dracul flags, stickers, and lapel pins.

According to citizen Mark Terrace, Dracul was a wonderful place of nature, which was accompanied by a cool, breezy, blue sky morning. Both Frederick and Terrace expect to return for the May 9th Victory Day parade this year to get the full Draculian experience.

The visit ended around noon, with the three parties parting on good terms, looking forward to meeting up again at the next Dracul event.

Final attempt being made at a Dracul online radio station

BRAN DISTRICT – A final attempt at a Draculian radio station is being made, after two previous attempts ended in failure due to poor viewers and constant technical issues.

Dracul Regional Broadcast, the parent company of KBRN news, made the decision early Friday morning after viewing their news publications and TV episodes as a true success. DRB said it was time for new additions to Dracul and that their technology should now extend to radio.

“Our ratings are up, along with our views and our technology is changing for the better.” said the DRB chair and spokesperson. “We analyzed what went wrong the last two attempts and we’ve got what they missed.”

The last two attempts took place in 2018 and 2019, both being online radio stations which operated off home computers. DRB will be launching a 24-hour server with auto DJ as a feature, meaning the station could literally run forever, requiring minimal management.

Several employees of DRB said little changes, such as new song uploads and advertisements will be needed, however the radio station will practically run itself once off the ground. The station is expected to be hosted on an app which can be downloaded on android and iPhone, but has not yet been announced. Testing trials are currently underway.

February 7th is the target day for the grand launching of the new station. A link is expected to be added to once it’s ready for viewers. At this time it’s unsure if there will be a request line or any talk shows as a part of it.

Dracul launches memorial page for passed away Draculians

The Draculian Government made the decision to launch “Draculians in Memory” on Friday night, to pay respects and memorialize Draculians who’ve been lost since their time in the community.

Memorializing our loved ones is not only a difficult concept to accept, but necessary to keep their legacies alive. Since 2018, Dracul has lost four citizens for various reasons, ranging from gun violence to Alzheimer’s, heart issues, and drug use.

The page also includes “Honorary Citizens”, which are individuals who were in the midst of becoming a citizen and those who inquired about citizenship, but passed before their approval. In addition, it also includes those who were married to Draculians. Federal Naturalization Service reviews requests for honorary citizenship on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstance, and decides if the request will be approved.

Individuals like Aaron Hood, late husband to Founding Mother Kassie Bushong-Hood, who has not had a request made for honorary citizenship are still memorialized on the page, out of respect to their situation.

For those interested in memorializing a fallen Draculian, citizen services can be contacted to make such a request, who will then pass it along to the Federal Naturalization Service.

Reports circulate of DeWaCo Estates Chairman’s passing

Reports began to circulate on Tuesday evening around 9:30 PM central, on the passing of the Imperium of DeWaCo Estates monarch, Chairman DeWayne Corbett. According to Corbett’s Facebook account, he had been battling several health issues, to the point of his doctors informing him of only months to live, back in May of 2021. According to His Majesty William I of DeHerrera, Corbett had been suffering from cancer, possibly due to exposure to Agent Orange from his time in service during the Vietnam War.

Chairman Corbett has been widely known in the micronational community since his launch of DeWaCo Estates, many times discussing world-wide political issues and promoting his local business.

We spoke with Stan Vaughn of Ourania on January 12th, since the two were close. Vaughn stated he reached out to Corbett’s wife for verification but has not heard back yet.

We have not confirmed the death of Chairman Corbett with any family members, however this article will be updated when more information is received and verified. Check back later for new reports.

Cooper wins election; sworn in as member of Parliament

SOUTH DRACUL – Bruce Cooper was sworn in as the new Member of Parliament of South Dracul on October 18, after being elected by the people of the smallest state. Although federal law states one must be at least 18 years of age for such position, an exception is allowed in the law on a case by case basis.

Cooper, the current Governor of South Dracul, is expected to resign from the position, to allow most of his time to focus on creating new laws and amendments with the rest of the national parliament. At this time it’s expected that Valeriano Anibarro (SD) or Karl Frederick (SD) might take that position.

Since his beginning in Dracul, Cooper has held various positions, such as naturalization director, Dean of Students at the former Stephen the Great University, Mayor of Bran District, and served on city councils and various other positions. Before Governor, he served as Lieutenant Governor to Katie Arnold, before her resignation due to a pregnancy complication.

Cooper’s first action on his first day in Parliament was introducing an anti-terrorism bill aimed at preventing uprising (coup d’tat) attempts. According to Cooper, he has several other bills in the making that he plans to introduce at November’s first session.

Dracul’s new recognition criteria takes effect today

Dracul’s Department of State approved their newly created recognition criteria on Monday afternoon. These discussions took place, due to the large number of micronations currently recognized by Dracul, which are rarely heard from, and many of which are unable to benefit Dracul in some sort of manner.

Some of the new changes were micronations not changing their government structure from 6 months down to 3 months at the time of application, micronations must being able to provide something in return for their formal recognition, and more details added to certain sections, in order to avoid confusion or assumption.

  1. The requesting micronation must be in existence for at least 1 year. The micronation must not have drastically changed their government style within the past 3 months of applying.
  2. The micronation must have a website or social media account, showing their leaders and citizenship information. If a micronation cannot prove they’ve existed from their claimed start date, they will be rejected.
  3. All micronations must make reasonable land claims. Dracul will not establish a treaty with a micronation that claims land of an entire city, state, county, or country. In addition, the micronation cannot claim an entire population without those people’s knowledge.
  4. The micronation must physically exist. Micronations that exist virtually, have fake history, fabricated citizenship numbers, or claim planets will not be approved.
  5. Dracul will not engage in diplomacy with micronations that partake in micronational warfare, or who claim war against UN recognized nations.
  6. Any micronation that displays immature behavior, operates as a simulation, uses copyrighted images as their own, or targets legally protected groups will not be approved.
  7. Dracul will not discuss diplomacy with micronations who operate in a Marxist, Leninist, Nazi, anarchist, or Anti-Semitism style.
  8. Leaders of a micronation must be real people. There may be animals within the royal family, however they cannot be a ruling party of the government.
  9. The highest ruling person must be of legal age to be recognized. This means anyone serving as a leader, monarch, or president, who is under the age of 17 will not be recognized (nations recognized before 10/11/21 are grandfathered in).
  10. The micronation must be able to benefit Dracul, whether it’d be about economy, physical trade, or physical/digital technology. Dracul will propose the same in return.

The new requirements are in effect today, but are put into practice tomorrow, October 12, 2021. Micronations who currently hold formal recognition with Dracul will be required to meet all the new criteria, unless specified otherwise.

Opinion: Micronational relations and when to establish them

I’m sure there are many micronations that’ve established relations with others, only to end up never speaking with them or benefiting from the formal recognition. How exactly did we get here is typically the question that’s asked once it’s noticed.

For many micronations, the desire to be recognized is a priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small, well known or just established micronation. The fact that someone tells another we recognize your existence has much power to it, because it gives the recognized nation a feeling of belonging and feeling less isolated.

While I can certainly understand the sentiment behind that philosophy, the fact remains that most relations in micronationalism are flat out pointless. It seems in most cases that micronations gain nothing from their recognition. In order to gain something, both need to have something to give, which can really include anything.

Every micronation has made this mistake at one point or another and Dracul is no exception. I spoke with our State Secretary earlier today, in which we spoke about this very topic. About 95% of our allies are never heard from, nor do we trade with them. At this point it’d be more beneficial to cut our ties than to have a long list of names that do nothing but sit on paper every year.

To get the full effect and enjoyment out of a newly created recognition, make sure you have something that can benefit each other. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you stay in contact often, to avoid growing distant from your new ally. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to gain the most.

Some may not care about the failures of these talking points; that’s fine with me, every micronation should operate how it wants to. But for those who wish to be successful not only with their nation but their relations, these are some pretty valid points in my opinion.

Ladonian Founder dies in automobile crash

The 3rd of October was a day of mourning in the Royal Republic of Ladonia, after news broke of their founder and current State Secretary Lars Vilks’s death.

According to various news sources, Vilks was traveling in a vehicle with bodyguards, when a tire on his vehicle exploded, causing the vehicle to lose control and crash into a truck. At this time it is unknown if foul play was a factor in the automobile crash.

Vilks, a well known Swedish artist in the macro world, had been under police protection since 2007, after individuals attempted to burn his house down, in retaliation to a religious drawing he had made on the Prophet Mohammed. Various other attempts on his life had been made, including a shooting at a Copenhagen, Denmark seminar, which left police officers killed.

A post was made on the 4th of October, to the Ladonian Government Twitter account, stating the following:

I would like to thank the countries & micro nations that have send there condoleances so far. Even facebook/whatsapp/instagram are mourning. The Ladonian Government will make sure that Lars his legacy will keep living on. Egyptians build pyramids. Lars build Nimis.

Ladonian Government Twitter account