Dracul-Breco launch new continental organization

The Commonwealth of Dracul and Irish Federation of Breco launched a new organization last week, named the North American Charter Organization or NACO for short.

Stephen Luke and Scott Jeanes formed NACO for the purposes of creating an organization of micronations that share technology, intelligence, and cyber security information. Most importantly, the members of NACO will aid one another in the event that one is under a cyber-attack, such as hacking, and attempt to prevent a data leak of personal and/or confidential information.

“I think it’s crucial in a day and age such as this, that we have a structured, serious organization that’s willing to bring in other micronations who want to take cyber security and technology sharing seriously.” said President Stephen Luke of Dracul. “If we share technology with others, it will help improve other micronations as well.” he added.

While NACO has a military style to it, especially along the lines of defense against cyber-attacks, it is not the same thing as the macro-NATO organization. Some critics have been quick to judge NACO, calling it a “NATO copy-cat”, however those claims have been ignored by the founders of the organization, with the founders advising that it isn’t a war organization.

“We will be very selective on who is admitted into NACO, ensuring that all applicants meet all of our requirements” said Scott Jeanes, leader of Breco. “If we feel that professionalism and dedication cannot be achieved by a NACO member, they will be removed by either the founders or by a majority vote.” he added.

Last week the Grand Emirate of Raphania was admitted into the organization as the first official new member. Other members are currently pending approval as the organization begins building its first website, release date TBA.

Dracul 1 partners with Austenasia TV for technology sharing

Dracul 1 News has agreed to partner with Austenasia TV to provide software and technology improvements for their newscast services.

The assistance was offered initially by President Stephen Luke to Charles Ross, Director General of ATP. President Luke stated a fresh new look, along with software and new royalty free music would be discussed between the two communication companies.

ATP’s current opening screen
Dracul 1’s current opening screen

“Austenasia has professionalism and they should be given the ability to reflect that on their news service as well.” said President Luke.

In addition to a fresh new look, additional information is in the plans, such as regional weather information for several of Austenasia’s territories, allowing more of the Empire to be shared within the community.

ATP’s news format
Dracul 1’s news format

Some additional features of ATP News will also be vocal narration, in addition to headlines in the lower thirds. Both will be added for those with either hearing or visual struggles. Closed caption will also be provided.

The changes may take a month or two to take effect, as all additions must be agreed upon by both parties, in addition to creating the new visuals. Dracul 1 is providing the assistance free of charge, as a sign of good faith.

Westarctica PM to guest on Micro Impovement’s diplomacy episode

The Duke of the Bear Peninsula accepted his invite onto the Micro Improvement podcast last week, as Episode 4: Diplomacy and Relations is expected to take place on April 8th at 7pm central.

Luke chose Prime Minister Farmer of Westarctica as the guest, due to his experience in micronationalism, his connection with Grand Duke Travis, as well as his prior assistance to Dracul and Luke.

“I think a position such as Prime Minister, in addition to someone who’s communicated on behalf of a distinguished micronation, is a great choice for the subjects of diplomacy and relations.” said Stephen Luke, host of Micro Improvement. “We’ve got a great podcast with many listeners and subscribers, who want to hear about the experience and advice from others.” he added.

Micro Improvement is a podcast, which was started by Stephen Luke and Connor Modena, in an effort to provide advice to micronationalists, both new and current, about taking proper steps in the development of micronations. The podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor.fm, and Apple podcasts, free of charge.

Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica is expected to be the next guest on Episode 5, which is set to cover the topic of income in micronationalism. No word yet on that date or time.

Podcast aids struggling micronations with two episodes as of late

The Micro Improvement podcast, launched by Stephen Luke and co-hosted by Connor Modena got off to a great start March 10, according to internal analytics. Episode 2, which covered joining and creating micronations, inactive citizens, title collectors, and diplomacy, was released March 18, consisting of over 45 listeners on night one.

The podcast aims to assist struggling micronations who seek the advice of experienced micronationalists on the subjects of damage control and renovation. Micronations as a whole struggle with at least one issue throughout their existence, some more than others. The podcast is hosted free of charge and located on anchor.fm, Apple podcast, and Spotify.

“What we’ve done is start a podcast to give back to the micronational community.” said Stephen Luke, President of Dracul. “There are a lot of micronations out there struggling to stay afloat, so we hope this program will provide tips to getting back on par.” he added.

While many micronationalists have aced for the most part micronationalism, Luke stated that the podcast caters to successful micronations as well.

“Just because you’re doing well with your nation doesn’t mean you can’t listen in on advice and tips.” said Connor Modena. “We’re doing this for everyone, not just those who believe they are failing.”

The podcast plans on continuous episodes and seasons, aimed at specific issues within micronationalism. When asked about controversy, the hosts made it clear that while controversy needs addressing, the podcast will not dive into ongoing drama of other micronations.

Micro Improvement podcast launching March 10

The Micro Improvement podcast, hosted by Stephen Luke and Connor Modena is debuting its first episode on March 10 at 7pm central. The podcast was the idea of Modena, as many within the micronational community have discussed the constant same issues that plague the community.

The weekly podcast’s goal is to educate and provide advice for new and current micronationalists, on the subjects of nation building, conflict resolution, gaining citizens, reversing course in dead/stagnant micronations, and professionalism. These were the subjects that many saw as hot button issues.

Micronationalists who tune in weekly will be able to not only hear the podcasts, but submit questions before and during the show, which they’ll have a chance at getting answers to. Guests, while not a common occurrence, will be on the show at times to talk more in detail about their experiences on the subjects.

“I think the issue with starting a micronation for many is that there isn’t an actual proper guide on how to complete steps one, two, and three.” said Stephen Luke. “Many of us, including myself have to wing it and hope we’re doing what’s right in the development process.” he added.

Dead or abandoned micronations are a constant issue within the community, as many leave their nation projects without additional effort or informing others of their dissolution. This causes issues, such as mutually recognized friends no longer continuing communication and citizens who’re unaware of their nation’s dissolution.

The podcast is currently hosted by Anchor will be accessible 24/7. The first episode will be on the subject of micronation building. Each episode is expected to be between 30 minutes to an hour long.

How air travel could look between micronations

According to a Friday morning Twitter poll, more than 50% who participated either acknowledged their frequent, or on occasion involvement in flight simulation.

President Luke of Dracul announced his thoughts Saturday morning, on the idea of developing a small organization, for the development of statistics and simulation, to show the community what air travel would look like between other micronations.

“What I think it comes down to is the curiosity of such an occurrence.” said President Luke. “Micronations don’t have the funding or the landmass for airplanes, airlines, or pilots. Macro nations use simulations all the time to give them in-depth research on what something could turn out becoming.”

Parody ad for the air travel research group

When asked about what this project could further offer the community, President Luke mentioned novelty items that micronations already engage in the selling of, such as passports, banknotes, flags, and apparel.

“If people are willing to spend money to establish a connection with a micronation, for the purchase of souvenirs, why not add something else in like a novelty boarding pass to the micronation?“ said President Luke. “Not only would something like this be fun, but would help many take a break from the constant drama that ensues this community.”

When asked how this project would be executed, the President gave the idea of a live map that would track aircraft on flight simulators heading into and out of micronations.

Flight simmers in micronations would captain live time those simulation aircraft, which would not only bring entertainment to them, but involve them in the research for their respected nation.

“Nobody knows what it would look like for an aircraft to take off from Austenasia and land in Molossia.” said President Luke. “This project of course wouldn’t actually put people in Molossia, but would certainly provide education and awareness on what tourism could look like as well.”

The President said those interested in simulation research such as this can contact him via email (president@draculgov.com) to show their interest and provide input.

DARA Space Program begins development in Dracul

The Dracul Astronomical Research Association (DARA) began development on Thursday evening, as Dracul makes its first attempt at developing a space database for micronations. DARA was created as executive order by President Luke in January, which was suggested by Vice President Modena. The Executive Office plans to welcome in all micronations with interests in space.

The objective of DARA is to take real life imagery of stars, planets, and meteors, using high tech cameras and telescopes, both owned by Dracul, as well as other micronations involved as a partner. The information collected would then be entered into a large database where micronations could go to grow their own knowledge, as well as their own databases.

“There’s a large group of people who’ve shown interest in the study of space in micronationalism.” said President Luke in an interview on Wednesday. “I think Vice President Modena had a good idea and that a large community database is exactly what this community needs.” he ended.

It’s not yet clear on how the database will be formed, nor who would be responsible for the maintenance and development of it, however we do know that micronations involved in the association will be able to add and pull from it.

“This isn’t about Dracul; this is about growing micronationalism’s databases and providing to the community as a whole.” said Vice President Modena. “We want those interested in space to have a location other than macro space programs to pull from. We may not be as advanced as NASA, but the association will provide successful results.”

Micronations interested in the development or involvement with DARA can contact Dracul via their contact page. DARA plans to officially launch by the Summer of 2022.

Dracul launches memorial page for passed away Draculians

The Draculian Government made the decision to launch “Draculians in Memory” on Draculgov.com Friday night, to pay respects and memorialize Draculians who’ve been lost since their time in the community.

Memorializing our loved ones is not only a difficult concept to accept, but necessary to keep their legacies alive. Since 2018, Dracul has lost four citizens for various reasons, ranging from gun violence to Alzheimer’s, heart issues, and drug use.

The page also includes “Honorary Citizens”, which are individuals who were in the midst of becoming a citizen and those who inquired about citizenship, but passed before their approval. In addition, it also includes those who were married to Draculians. Federal Naturalization Service reviews requests for honorary citizenship on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstance, and decides if the request will be approved.

Individuals like Aaron Hood, late husband to Founding Mother Kassie Bushong-Hood, who has not had a request made for honorary citizenship are still memorialized on the page, out of respect to their situation.

For those interested in memorializing a fallen Draculian, citizen services can be contacted to make such a request, who will then pass it along to the Federal Naturalization Service.