Nicholas sweeps through Texas region, affecting Dracul/Cycoldia

Valero Gas station in Texas City with collapsed awning over gas pumps

Dracul and Cycoldia were spared from the severe rage of Hurricane Nicholas, as it swept through the region with 60 mph winds, early Tuesday morning. The hurricane made landfall as a CAT 1, but quickly lost strength as it moved along. Some areas including Surfside Beach weren’t so lucky, as many homes and businesses were flooded.

Dracul was surveyed earlier this morning around 8:45, after weather conditions reached safe levels. Upon checking the region, mostly flooded fields, downed tree limbs, and an overflowing fountain in North Dracul were discovered. The threat of rain continues, but in small amounts throughout the week.

Flooded fields were reported within Dracul

“We’ve checked the structure to the Bran House, ensuring it was safe for entry.” said Vice President Luke. “Mostly what we see are a lot of leaves and branches scattered all over the place. The unity fountain is overflowing, but the pumps will reduce the water soon.”

The Embassy of Dracul in Houston was also surveyed, which also included minimal damage mostly to trees and displaced wildlife. An empty field behind the embassy sat with water, which is expected to take a few days to finally dry out.

The last time Dracul experienced a hurricane was in 2017 during Hurricane Harvey. Most of the aftermath then was the same this time around. At this point there are no emergencies to report and things are expected to clear up within the week. The September 25 Foundation Day is still planned, time TBA.

We are still awaiting word from Cycoldia on the damage reported at their region.