Dracul releases photos of its upcoming 2022 banknote series

BRAN DISTRICT – The Treasury Department of Dracul released a draft photo of the upcoming 2022 banknotes, set for release by October 2022. New banknotes have been on hold since last year, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, as well as a drop in sales, mostly due to the ongoing economic recession around the world.

Several differences will be seen with these new banknotes; other than a list of new icons presented on the notes, all currency will be green in order to cut ink costs and allow for a better brighter image. All banknotes up until now have been multicolored.

Dracul founders will be the new faces on the notes, since they devote much time to progressing the nation as as whole. It’s also an advertising opportunity for the founders, who’ve remained mostly out of sight when it comes to the micro community as a whole.

Another addition to this year’s series is the introduction to a new denomination; a 500 mark, which moved Vlad III from the 100 to the new 500. This allowed an additional person to be added to the banknotes as well.

Currency purchases will be available on draculgov.com when available. Currently, you can still purchase the 2021 series banknotes on the website.

The treasury department also urges people to be cautious when purchasing Draculian banknotes from others who are not part of the Dracul Treasury Department. Several websites have been observed in the past selling the notes, with no confirmation if they were legitimate.

All Dracul banknotes are watermarked and printed on specialty paper, not printer paper.

First decline in users causes Facebook stock to drop 24%

Facebook’s stock plunge weighed on world markets yesterday, helping to drag down major stock indexes and reversing recent gains.

Shares in Meta, Facebook’s current owner, dropped 24% in Wednesday’s morning trading, as the company reported its largest loss of users in the history of the company.

This major drop caused the company’s overall value to drop 200 billion, which is larger than the entire Greek economy. This in turn caused Mark Zuckerberg to lose $29 billion from his own net worth.

US tech companies have come under mounting pressure in 2022, as investors expect policy tightening at the US federal reserve. This action is to erode the industry’s rich valuations following years of ultra low interest rates.

Final attempt being made at a Dracul online radio station

BRAN DISTRICT – A final attempt at a Draculian radio station is being made, after two previous attempts ended in failure due to poor viewers and constant technical issues.

Dracul Regional Broadcast, the parent company of KBRN news, made the decision early Friday morning after viewing their news publications and TV episodes as a true success. DRB said it was time for new additions to Dracul and that their technology should now extend to radio.

“Our ratings are up, along with our views and our technology is changing for the better.” said the DRB chair and spokesperson. “We analyzed what went wrong the last two attempts and we’ve got what they missed.”

The last two attempts took place in 2018 and 2019, both being online radio stations which operated off home computers. DRB will be launching a 24-hour server with auto DJ as a feature, meaning the station could literally run forever, requiring minimal management.

Several employees of DRB said little changes, such as new song uploads and advertisements will be needed, however the radio station will practically run itself once off the ground. The station is expected to be hosted on an app which can be downloaded on android and iPhone, but has not yet been announced. Testing trials are currently underway.

February 7th is the target day for the grand launching of the new station. A link is expected to be added to Draculgov.com once it’s ready for viewers. At this time it’s unsure if there will be a request line or any talk shows as a part of it.

Parliament to debate legality of bill prohibiting uncertified church leaders

BRAN DISTRICT – A controversial bill is expected to be brought forth to the National Parliament on Monday, by Member of Parliament Scott Jeanes of Breco Territory. The bill moves to prohibit the start of new religious organizations without certificates or degrees of ordination.

At least two Members of Parliament have called the bill “ridiculous” and “outlandish”, viewing the proposed bill as a violation of the first amendment. Individuals like MP Jeanes take the stance that the bill doesn’t prohibit practicing religion, but the running of a church business itself. The first amendment does not specifically mention businesses, but others view religious businesses as “practicing religion”.

“I simply think that this bill, although I do agree religious institutions should have proper credentials, is simply to extreme because it gives the government the ability to shut them down.” said Karl Frederick, MP. “Also, this bill violates the 1st amendment of Dracul which is, Parliament shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof“.

Bruce Cooper, a South Dracul Senator had another view on the bill. “This bill is not prohibiting religious practice, its stopping people from teaching false teachings.” he said. “Anyone can say their a minister of whatever religion, but it is another thing when you have credentials saying that you know what your talking about.”

Dracul in recent weeks has seen an increase in the creation of religious organizations. Christian, Catholic, and Norse Paganism are just to name a few. This increase came months after a post for additional religious leaders were requested within the Commonwealth.

Monday’s Parliament session had a vote of 1-3 with the nays having it, stopping the bill from being passed. There were many minutes of debate held, with President Luke being called upon to vote his view. President Luke said, “If 20 people want to create a religion, stating unicorns are the God of the universe, we are in no position to stop them from believing or creating such religion. If a religion commits acts of violence or threats towards another, then it can be considered a terrorist organization.”

Government to open new job positions before February

Draculian job growth was at its bare minimum in 2021, with only two new jobs filled. With a previous inactive Presidency, one might ask “why should we work when our leader doesn’t either?”, which is exactly how many saw it.

With a new active administration, things are starting to go uphill for the nation, especially along the lines of activity. The Bran House announced three new positions, which they’d like to see filled before March 2022. Jobs will include both government and civilian jobs.

We’ve compiled a list of jobs that are expected to be selected as open for applicants:


  • Presidential Press Secretary

This position will ensure constant communication between the Government of Dracul, its citizens, and most importantly the micronational community. Many have seen Dracul as secluded from the rest of the community and have asked for more, in order to find out what the nation’s all about. The Presidential Press Secretary will ensure video communications are related to all, pertaining to the Administration’s actions.

  • State Ambassador

Maintaining constant communication with other micronations is a fundamental goal for any successful nation. Since Dracul only recognizes micronations it keeps in contact with, this is a position that can help lessen the work for the State Secretary and ensure success for the Ambassador. Since January 1st, Dracul has established two new treaties of mutual recognition with others.

  • Military Recruit

Ensuring not only Dracul’s protection, but representing the nation in a formal military manner is what helped larger nations recognize Dracul in the first place. Enlisted positions are needed more than ever, and anyone around the world can enlist in the military. Luckily for those who aren’t citizens, this position can still be acquired.


  • Director of Vlad Historical Society

Growing and maintaining the history of Vlad Tepes and his legacy are important steps in preserving a history that is already difficult to discover. The historical society aims to provide not only knowledge already known, but details that are newly discovered and difficult to find.

  • Small Business Owner

Small business is what helps Dracul help others. The Small Business Administration advertises for businesses, ensures the proper licensing, and assists with locating merchandise suppliers for said businesses. If you’ve ever wanted to own a business, this is the way to go.

These positions filled will ensure proper operation of the nation, and especially the success of small business. Listings are expected to be updated before the beginning of February, located on the open positions page of Dracul’s main website.

Bran District Mall officially closes its doors

BRAN DISTRICT – It came as disappointing, but expected news that the first virtual mall of Dracul cancelled its contracts on December 1st, then shutting down the main website on January 1st.

Bran District Mall was a virtual idea of bringing micronational and macro world businesses together under one umbrella. The idea started by Stephen Luke in mid 2021 was supported by many, but unfortunately flopped completely by the first month of business. Mall management had struggled finding tenants to fill virtual spaces, holding just two stores at its peak.

“We thought this idea would bring people together and be unique.” said Stephen Luke, founder of the mall. “Uniqueness normally attracts and since most retail takes place online these days, we felt it would work.” he ended.

The mall consisted of Gift Palace, a small mom and pop shop based in Houston, which provided sports memorabilia and personal gifts, and Jenny’s Sutlery, a civil war era reproduction store. According to business records, Jenny’s Sutlery failed to pay rent each month, leaving the mall with a small revenue. According to that revenue, it was unsustainable for maintaining the website.

Those who supported the mall idea and it’s future were left in disappointment when they were informed by the management in mid November of 2021 that the mall could not sustain itself into the new year. Many hope something else can rise from the failure to replace what was once seen as a great idea.

As of today, the website is offline and email addresses have been cancelled. There is no word of a sale of the mall’s name or any assets.