Chancellor Luke’s health issues discovered; treatment beginning immediately

BRAN DISTRICT – Several micronationalists know of Chancellor Stephen Luke’s ongoing health symptoms, which began in May of 2020. Initial symptoms included, headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, stomach issues, and mental confusion.

Two years after constant debilitating symptoms, an ultrasound examination last week discovered that liver issues were the contributing cause, along with excessive acid in the stomach. An endoscopic procedure was carried out earlier this morning, showing an up close image of the damage.

“The issues have severely caused an interruption to my day-to-day life.” said Chancellor Luke. “It’s one of the many reasons I was unable to attend MicroCon 2022.” he ended.

Over the past two years, the Chancellor has been through regular doctors and specialists, including ENTs, neurologists, optometrists, and now gastroenterologists.

A diet change, new medication, and possible future operations should correct the issue, however we won’t know until more results come back from this morning’s endoscopic procedure, where several images were taken.

President Luke rushed to hospital; suspected heart attack

HOUSTON – President Luke was rushed to Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital yesterday evening, with complaints of chest pain, arm tingling, shortness of breath, and an elevated heart rate of 115.

A 911 call was made by the President from a nearby mall, which resulted in medics running an EKG scan, which showed unusual activity with the President’s heart.

Upon arrival, the President was triaged, however due to an overwhelming medical system, remained in the waiting room for up to three hours before an x-Ray and blood test were taken.

The President ended up walking out after almost a seven hour wait, without being given a room or additional attention for a suspected heart attack.

“The medics said I had a suspected heart attack, yet the hospital treated me like I had a paper cut and put me at the bottom of the list.” said President Luke. “No updates were given, no fluids; it was a terrible experience.” he added.

The President made the decision to leave, after his symptoms began disappearing. He did state however that should his symptoms return, that he would return, but to an urgent care instead.

This is the first time the President has experienced heart related issues, or symptoms of this nature. It is unknown if his family history has these issues.

Currently the President is resting at home, taking a few days off from his duties to fully recover.

President-Elect Luke tests positive for COVID-19; mild symptoms reported

BRAN DISTRICT – President Elect Stephen Luke reported having COVID-19 symptoms approximately four days ago, which included a fever, cough, headache, and body aches.

Today, Luke went to receive his fourth COVID test, which resulted in a positive result. Luckily, due to his symptoms being mild, his fever breaking and his self quarantine, recovery appears to be making an upward trajectory.

According to Luke, a family member at the Christmas party he attended tested positive the day after the party, prompting him to take action in getting tested. Since symptoms began four days ago, Luke has six days left in quarantine before he is considered not contagious.

Medical staff have stated that while the new variant Omicron is more contagious, it is less severe regarding symptoms. Those who are vaccinated have a smaller chance at being hospitalized, according to world statistics.

The inauguration of Luke-Modena is still expected to take place on Jan 6, via video call for all participating. Broadcast will take place at noon on the Dracul KBRN YouTube channel.