Dracul-Austenasia set to sign treaty of mutual recognition

BRAN DISTRICT – President Stephen Luke of Dracul, along with Prime Minister William Wilson of Austenasia, are set to meet on July 2nd in Bran District, Dracul, for a formal, in person signing of a treaty of mutual recognition.

The news was made on the morning of June 23rd, as an event was added to the Dracul Discord server.

This treaty comes after Dracul made foreign policy changes limiting micronations from applying for mutual recognition.

“I spoke with Emperor Jonathan several months ago about mutual recognition, before our new policy went into effect, so we will be honoring our initial discussion.” said President Luke.

This treaty will create new relations and add to the additional ones of other well known micronations, such as Westarctica, Flandrensis, West Who, Aigues-Mortes, and others.

It’s unknown at this time if other treaties will follow, such as trade or defense treaties.

A state visit and tour of Dracul will take place as well, before the treaty signing begins.

Government Officials and Citizen make trip to tour Dracul

A planned trip for a government official and citizen took place late Sunday morning, as a tour of Dracul, along with the embassy were provided by President Luke to the out of town visitors.

Naturalization Director Karl Frederick and citizen Mark Terrace arrived at 10:00am, where their tour began at the Dracul Houston Embassy. Shortly after their motorcade arrived in Dracul, where their first Dracul experience took place.

“It was a pleasant drive from Austin to Dracul this morning.” said Director Karl Frederick, who rode separately from citizen Mark Terrace. “With it being a Sunday morning there wasn’t much traffic.”

Upon their arrival, small tokens of appreciation were exchanged, such as President Luke receiving a Heimatian hand flag, with Frederick and Terrace receiving Dracul flags, stickers, and lapel pins.

According to citizen Mark Terrace, Dracul was a wonderful place of nature, which was accompanied by a cool, breezy, blue sky morning. Both Frederick and Terrace expect to return for the May 9th Victory Day parade this year to get the full Draculian experience.

The visit ended around noon, with the three parties parting on good terms, looking forward to meeting up again at the next Dracul event.