First European “MicroCon” to take place in Summer 2023

YPRES, BELGIUM – While there have been several forms of micronational conventions in Europe over the years, an official “MicroCon”, established by the organization’s committee has never been planned.

That is up until about a week ago, when committee organizers for the first time began planning for a first time European MicroCon for 2023, taking place in Ypres, Belgium.

While official dates and times have not yet been announced, we do know that Ladonia and Flandrensis are the organizers for this first time event. A few micronationalists have even mentioned intentions of attending both the North American and European conventions back to back.

Why Belgium you may ask? The main focus is on micronations from the Benelux, France and the UK so the location is in the center, but everyone is welcome. Ypres is also the most important city for the former British countries for World War 1 remembrance.

Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis, along with the Royal Family Princes

Grand Duke Nicholas of Flandrensis, a micronationalist who has been in the community for over 10 years, has expressed his excitement about the event, citing not only will it be historical for Europe, but the first time a MicroCon has happened twice in one year.

Specific locations for the convention have not yet been announced, however a website is currently under development, which will provide dates, times, locations, and ticket prices.

MicroCon 2023 is taking place instead of 2024, due to the committee wanting to revert back to odd numbered years, since COVID threw the convention off track by a year.

This is a continuous coverage story. Details have been revised and updated due to errors. More details will be announced by KBRN as they are received.