National flag poll passes among the people; Parliament vote next session

A new flag proposal presented to the citizens of Dracul in a poll, ended Wednesday showing a majority in favor of the new flag design, great seal, and national emblem.

66.7% of voters were in favor of the change, with a 33.3% wanting to maintain the current flag. The good news for those in favor of the current flag is that it won’t be going away. The Founder’s Committee voted in favor of keeping the flag as a historical flag, similar to that of the 13-star Betsy Ross flag of the United States.

Parliament is expected to officially adopt the flag at the next session, which most of Parliament has shown early support for it as well. It’s unclear however if there will be any debate about it.

The new flag was introduced by Chancellor and Founder Stephen Luke, as he felt the Welsh dragon was originally a poor choice in representing Vlad, as it was the incorrect dragon to do so. A type of dragon design called the Ouroboros was the actual dragon used in the Order of the Dragon.

Various other images, such as the crow with the Orthodox cross, as well as the spinning sun also stem from Wallachian historical images.

Once the flag is officially adopted, most of the flag production and sales will switch to the new flag, with the older design printed only on a made to order basis.

New National Imagery proposed; nation to begin voting this Monday

Draculians will once again this month find themselves in a (virtual) voting booth on Monday, as the Founder’s Committee of Dracul has proposed a new national flag, Great Seal, and Emblem. The change was introduced by Chancellor Stephen Luke in a Saturday meeting.

“The founders and I agreed that some of the imagery needed change, mostly for the reasons of historical accuracy and a fresh look.” said Chancellor Luke. “Our dragon initially chosen in 2017 was not the dragon of the Royal Dragon Court, of which Vlad II and III were members of.” he added.

Apart from an improper dragon, various other images of Wallachian (Romanian) history were added, including a bird with an Orthodox Cross in his beak, representing the religion of the region, and a spinning sun, which represents the Region of Maramures.

The white, red, and blue tricolor is being maintained, with a yellow side being added for the new proposed national emblem. While the current flag may have inaccuracies on it, with respect to Dracul’s Royal Dragon Court, the flag will not be dissolved, but instead be considered a historic/ceremonial flag, similar to that of the U.S. 13-star flag, the Betsy Ross.

Dracul will send ballots to citizens via email on Monday, with voting ending on Wednesday at midnight, CDT. Should the vote pass, it will then go to the National Parliament for final approval and immediate adoption. Citizens who need to update their information on file can do so by accessing the Citizen Portal.

New proposed national flag, with the new proposed additions
The new proposed Great Seal, with the new proposed additions

History Made: Dracul officially becomes a Constitutional Monarchy

BRAN DISTRICT – Dracul became a Constitutional Monarchy on Monday evening, as a vote of 3-2 put the proposal into effect. Various observers watched on YouTube and Discord as the session continued.

A week ago, Citizen Services sent out a survey to all citizens, asking for their input on adopting a ceremonial Prince into Dracul, for the purposes of Romanian history, Vlad’s legacy, and royal honors. The results came back with 83% in favor, 16% oppose.

Session began at 7:30pm sharp, with all Members of Parliament in attendance. Once old business was moved away from and the subject of the monarch system was proposed, two members voiced their reservations against the idea, citing it was not important at the moment and that other problems needed to be visited first, however no specific problems were mentioned by either of the two when asked.

Once Speaker Modena addressed their concerns, the voting began, which led to 3 in support, 2 abstained. The next subject of business was title changes for the President and Vice President, to the titles of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. That vote passed 5-0.

With Dracul now being an crowned republic, the next step is for Parliament to designate specifics on the initial election process, as well as explaining the heir process, in the event the future Prince was to pass away or abdicate.

James I of Great Hanover

Currently, James I of Great Hanover, and the Founder and first King of Scone, is the Prince Candidate and expected to be decided upon by the Founder’s Committee and Parliament, within the next 3-6 months. This will allow His Majesty, as well as Dracul to become fully comfortable with one another, and to ensure both are satisfied with the position.

Parliament as of tonight is currently in recess, expected to meet again within two weeks.

This is currently a story in development. Details may be inaccurate and are subject to change.

Parliament to meet Monday evening to transition Dracul to a Monarchy

BRAN DISTRICT – The 2nd Parliament of Dracul will meet on September 5th at 7:30PM Central, to open session to discuss the transition from a Republic to a Monarchy.

This process will officially welcome in the new proposed Prince position, as well as make several constitutional changes, including changing the titles from President to Chancellor, making a new article designating “Head of Government”, and designating the duties and rights of the monarch.

This will be the 3rd session for Parliament this year, as most of the Parliament has been in recess since the beginning of the year. The September 5th session will be historical, as it will not only welcome in the ability to have a Prince, but it being the first time Dracul’s Government type has changed since its inception.

“We were discussing over the years if a Republic was the right thing for Dracul.” said President Stephen Luke. “It just made sense in the end, since Vlad III was royalty. It stood to reason that we should reflect the same.” he added.

Once the Constitutional changes have been made, the process for all Prince candidates will begin, which will last between 6-8 months, to ensure the proper candidate is picked. No decision has been made as of yet as to who the “best” choice is, as all will be evaluated equally by Parliament and the Founder’s Committee.

Various guests are expected to be in attendance, including Dracul citizens, military leaders, and foreign heads of state. The broadcast will begin promptly at 7:30PM central, streaming live on the Dracul YouTube channel.

All micronationalists are welcomed and encouraged to attend the live stream, as this will be a historic moment for a well-known micronation to change its government. More developments will be released after the changes have been made.

Recent poll shows Draculians in favor of Royal figurehead

BRAN DISTRICT – A national survey ended early Friday morning, showing an 83% majority of Dracul citizens in favor of adopting a ceremonial Prince to preserve Vlad’s history.

The idea was submitted to the Founder’s Committee from a close ally, who saw something missing from the community; a royal icon to continue the legacy and heraldry of Vlad Tepes, the national father of Dracul.

It’s not the first time that a monarchy has been discussed in Dracul; rather in 2019 chaos ended abruptly, as two individuals attempted to force a monarchy upon the Commonwealth. Since then the two individuals have departed, with one most recently being pardoned by President Luke.

“Dracul is based off a long royal dynasty in Romania.” said President Luke in a short news conference. “It was confusing to many how we could continue that royal legacy without having at least a ceremonial Prince to help us along the way.” he ended.

While a Prince is being considered now for adoption by the National Parliament, along with a transformation from Republic to Monarchy, Dracul will maintain its name, along with its current seals and government structure.

A few constitutional amendments will be required to legally hold the potential Prince to just a ceremonial role, as the plans are for them to operate in a diplomatic, historic, and caring way to citizens, foreign nations, and others. Other actions may include honors lists, state visits, MicroCon attendance, and many other opportunities.

Parliament is set to end their long recess in October, however there may be an emergency meeting called sooner, should Parliament members find this to be a matter needing an immediate response.

A candidate is under review by the Founder’s Committee, who was recommended by a Westarctican official, however that name is being withheld until Dracul officials make a final decision.

Citizen Services releases new survey for citizens, citing new potential changes

BRAN DISTRICT – Citizen Services released a survey on Monday night, which was emailed to citizens of North and South Dracul. The survey is said to bring significant changes to Dracul, which the community needs to voice their opinion on beforehand.

This survey is over the subject of a potential ceremonial figurehead, who’s main goal will be to represent the nation as Head of State, discuss diplomacy, bring video speeches to the citizens during special times, conduct ceremonies, and preserve the history of Vlad III.

This potential figurehead, specifically a Prince, will also represent the house’s bloodline that was ended shortly after Mihnea II the Turk’s death, which was in 1591. He was the last ruler of the House of Basarab.

There is a potential for a title change within the government, specifically for the President and Vice President, should this pass with the citizens and then the National Parliament. Chancellor and Vice Chancellor are the titles being proposed.

The potential monarch would have no governmental powers, be solely a representative of the nation and the royal bloodline, and continue the forgotten history of Wallachia, which is now present day Romania.

It is unknown if and when this plan will pass, or if someone has been nominated for the position. President Luke stated that he does not intend on accepting any nomination, mostly for the purposes of avoiding a conflict of interest and to avoid blurring the lines between royalty and government.

“We’re doing this now because for the longest time, we thought about the positive and negative impacts it could have on our community.“ said President Luke. “We feel the pros outweigh the cons. It didn’t make sense at the end to have Vlad as our icon, but have no royalty to represent him.” he ended.

Other changes that would occur include a government type, from Constitutional Republic to Constitutional Monarchy. If a citizen has not received a ballot for the survey, they should request one via email, at, providing their citizen number. Voting ends Friday at midnight, CDT.

Editor's Note: This is a developing story and article details may change throughout the development.

First two Members of Parliament sworn in this week

PARLIAMENT – Founding Mother Kassie Hood of South Dracul, along with Paul Frye of North Dracul were sworn into Parliament this week, as the first two Members of Parliament.

The new members were voted in approximately two weeks ago, as a special election was held, due to Parliament losing a majority of their members, after the Breco Independence.

Hood was sworn in on the evening of June 7th, with Frye following on the evening of June 8th. The two have never worked closely before, however both have expressed their desires of restoring the Draculian Parliament, with frequent attendance and positive laws.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be back in Parliament, where my associates and I can bring back the good days of Dracul.” said M.P. Frye, ND. “I look forward to working alongside my new associates, as well as my former partner, M.P. Estrada.” he added.

Sarah Estrada, Bruce Cooper, and David McGee are still awaiting their swearing in ceremonies and are expected to take place at any time between this week and next.

New Parliamentary Candidates for Monday’s Election

BRAN DISTRICT – Monday the 23rd of May will bring a new election to Dracul, consisting of five candidates for Parliament. The election is in result of Breco’s Independence, which took a percentage of Dracul’s Parliament.

Candidates from both North and South Dracul are on this election’s ballot, consisting of new and former Members of Parliament. Ballots are expected to be emailed out Monday morning, with polls closing on Saturday the 28th at midnight.

“Dracul’s Parliament is back.” said President Luke in an interview on Sunday evening. “Many of our former M.P.s have been waiting to return, to devote their time to our great nation.” he added.

2022 Special Election Candidates

StatesPosition 1Position 2Position 3
North DraculDavid McGeeSarah EstradaPaul Frye
South DraculKassie BushongBruce CooperN/A

In this election, as in many others, candidates will be running unopposed. With this being the case, some are unsure the reasons for an election taking place. The answer is simple: Democracy and law. Candidates, once elected, will be sworn in the week after, with Vice President Connor Modena still leading as the Parliamentary President.

Both physical and online polling stations will close on Saturday the 28th at midnight, central daylight time. Citizens can register to vote by visiting and selecting “Register to Vote” at the top of the homepage.

“Don’t vote for failure Hildalgo!”, says President Luke, amid upcoming macro-county elections

BRAN DISTRICT – The Harris County Texas elections are quickly approaching with both open seats and incumbents at risk of being replaced. Positions such as Houston ISD board member, county judge, and various others will be on the 2022 ballot. This election is expected by many to be a heated one.

President Luke spoke on Wednesday evening, making it abundantly clear that he wants County Judge Lina Hidalgo out of office, whose been serving in that position since her win over Republican Ed Emmett in 2018. President Luke made no secret as to why he holds so much distrust in Hidalgo.

“She can be any political party she wants to be, but Houstonians will not tolerate her failed actions on crime any longer.” said the President. “You literally have murderers, even repeat offenders walking out of jail on bail/bond, even at times without paying a cent!” he added.

President Luke references the skyrocketing murder rate over the past four years as her largest failure to date. Since 2020, the murder rate has risen from 405 to 474, which Luke and upcoming macro-candidates on both sides of the isle have both agreed are mostly due to her failed reforms. Famous businessmen, such as “Mattress Mack” of Gallery Furniture in Houston have even ran ads, supporting newer candidates over Hidalgo.

“We have utter lawlessness in the County.”, says Alexandra Mealer, a candidate for Harris County Judge. “The homicide gets the headlines, but how many carjackings are there? How many break-ins; like we don’t even talk about just all the property theft. They are close to making Harris County un-investable.” she added.

President Luke says he understands this is an upcoming macro election, but that crime is not solely a macro matter any longer. Elections are expected to take place in March, with at least nine other candidates, mostly on the Republican side aiming for her seat alone.

Judge Hidalgo stated she feels no threat in this election and believes these attacks are nothing more than political theatre, which she further stated were disgraceful towards those who’ve already been murdered.

Opinion: Has Parliament finally reached its full potential?

Struggles appear to be an issue of the past in Dracul’s National Parliament; something most micronational parliaments report and display publicly all the time, with pleas of more members, votes of no confidence, and resignations.

The issue of “yes men” as they’re called, where individuals neglect to review a bill, then vote yes to say they’ve done a job was a common practice among several former parliamentary members, which caused great distress and concern.

Dracul’s Parliament now consists of the most active and dedicated number of Parliamentary members Dracul has ever witnessed. Not only is every region represented, but all members have engaged in actual debate, summary introduction of their bills, and taken action as necessary. Now, there are rare occasions of members missing session; an issue that used to be annoyingly repetitive.

Senator Scott Jeanes of Breco Territory has mentioned several times of his displeasure in seeing a disorganized and short staffed Parliament. President Luke when asked stated he never felt this day would come, but was glad to be proven wrong.

“From 2018 to this last month, things have always gone wrong in the Parliament.” said President Luke. “Former members would never look at bills and just randomly vote, members would never show up, several members never introduced bills, and debate was rarely heard of.”

“I’d say last night’s senate session went quite well. Probably the best session we’ve ever had, believe me. It was also quite successful for the Blue Party, as the results of Bill 39 and 40 went the way we pushed for.” said Senator Karl Frederick. “We got the new immigration requirements to pass and the attempted infringement on religious freedom to fail. Was truly great.”

With things appearing to go in the right direction, the checks and balances in Dracul now seem to have a chance at success. Parliament elections in each state are expected to take place this month on February 7th, with ballots going out to all registered voters.