New Parliamentary Candidates for Monday’s Election

BRAN DISTRICT – Monday the 23rd of May will bring a new election to Dracul, consisting of five candidates for Parliament. The election is in result of Breco’s Independence, which took a percentage of Dracul’s Parliament.

Candidates from both North and South Dracul are on this election’s ballot, consisting of new and former Members of Parliament. Ballots are expected to be emailed out Monday morning, with polls closing on Saturday the 28th at midnight.

“Dracul’s Parliament is back.” said President Luke in an interview on Sunday evening. “Many of our former M.P.s have been waiting to return, to devote their time to our great nation.” he added.

2022 Special Election Candidates

StatesPosition 1Position 2Position 3
North DraculDavid McGeeSarah EstradaPaul Frye
South DraculKassie BushongBruce CooperN/A

In this election, as in many others, candidates will be running unopposed. With this being the case, some are unsure the reasons for an election taking place. The answer is simple: Democracy and law. Candidates, once elected, will be sworn in the week after, with Vice President Connor Modena still leading as the Parliamentary President.

Both physical and online polling stations will close on Saturday the 28th at midnight, central daylight time. Citizens can register to vote by visiting and selecting “Register to Vote” at the top of the homepage.

“Don’t vote for failure Hildalgo!”, says President Luke, amid upcoming macro-county elections

BRAN DISTRICT – The Harris County Texas elections are quickly approaching with both open seats and incumbents at risk of being replaced. Positions such as Houston ISD board member, county judge, and various others will be on the 2022 ballot. This election is expected by many to be a heated one.

President Luke spoke on Wednesday evening, making it abundantly clear that he wants County Judge Lina Hidalgo out of office, whose been serving in that position since her win over Republican Ed Emmett in 2018. President Luke made no secret as to why he holds so much distrust in Hidalgo.

“She can be any political party she wants to be, but Houstonians will not tolerate her failed actions on crime any longer.” said the President. “You literally have murderers, even repeat offenders walking out of jail on bail/bond, even at times without paying a cent!” he added.

President Luke references the skyrocketing murder rate over the past four years as her largest failure to date. Since 2020, the murder rate has risen from 405 to 474, which Luke and upcoming macro-candidates on both sides of the isle have both agreed are mostly due to her failed reforms. Famous businessmen, such as “Mattress Mack” of Gallery Furniture in Houston have even ran ads, supporting newer candidates over Hidalgo.

“We have utter lawlessness in the County.”, says Alexandra Mealer, a candidate for Harris County Judge. “The homicide gets the headlines, but how many carjackings are there? How many break-ins; like we don’t even talk about just all the property theft. They are close to making Harris County un-investable.” she added.

President Luke says he understands this is an upcoming macro election, but that crime is not solely a macro matter any longer. Elections are expected to take place in March, with at least nine other candidates, mostly on the Republican side aiming for her seat alone.

Judge Hidalgo stated she feels no threat in this election and believes these attacks are nothing more than political theatre, which she further stated were disgraceful towards those who’ve already been murdered.

Federal level encourages senator candidates to prepare for February

February 7th is the target date for all state senator candidates to prepare by, as that date is set as the next state elections. As of now only one candidate has shown support out of South Dracul, Karl Frederick.

With Vice President Connor Modena rising from Senator to Senate President, it’s necessary to fill the gap in Parliament in order to have the proper amount of votes for legislation.

Over the past year and a half, Parliament has ran short staffed, as several of its past members have either retired or were removed due to inactivity. Requirements have changed over the years as well, making it difficult for some to become eligible.

With the removal of two North Dracul Senators, North Dracul elections will also be carried out with two positions open. All candidates need to announce their candidacy to Citizen Services before January 24th and begin their campaigns in Dracul. Currently there are three members in the Parliament.

Stephen Luke wins Presidency, becomes Dracul’s 2nd President

For many Draculians and Allies of Dracul, Stephen Luke’s win for the Presidency came as no surprise, given the fact that he ran unopposed in this election. Connor Modena, Luke’s running mate also won the Vice Presidency. This was a historic moment in Draculian history, since President Dmitri Howie was appointed by the founders in Dracul’s infancy.

Election results started reporting after 8AM Dracul time, picking up in the afternoon hours, then ending later at 10PM. All ballots were accounted for, which not only included Luke/Modena as candidates, but Proposition 1 and Proposition 2, on the subjects of cryptocurrency and inactive citizenship removal.

“I’m very proud to be in the position of President-Elect and I look forward to January 6th, where I’ll be sworn in as President.” said Stephen Luke. “There has been a great deal of inactivity in the higher government positions and I intend on fixing that once in office.” he ended.

Citizens had been waiting for this election, as many expressed their desire to see change in the administration, due to the fact that Howie had been inactive for long periods of time. President-Elect Luke defended President Howie, citing family issues and medical problems that plagued him the past couple of years.

“It’s time things change.” said Vice President-Elect Modena. “We’re not gonna play games anymore when it comes to inactivity, allies trying to change our decision on internal matters, or corruption within the government.” he ended, citing Dracul recently handled several internal matters, which ended on satisfactory terms for the nation.

President-Elect Luke and Vice President-Elect Modena are expected to be sworn in on January 6, 2022, at 12PM central in North Dracul, following their motorcade escort. A speech from the two, as well as a luncheon and meet and greet are expected afterwards.

Victory speech video

Opinion: 4 Years of Dracul, What’s next?

Since Dracul’s inception back in 2017, the country has seen its fair share of ups and downs. From Martial Law to Parliamentary restructuring and even exterior conflict, the nation has not been shy with activity.

I joined Dracul in Early August 2020 seeking a nation to plant my roots, somewhere to base my understanding of the micronational community and the people in it. Dracul has provided so much more than that, a place to learn, share, laugh and overall, just a great community of interesting and good people.

Dracul is interesting in the fact that things occur either quite fast or very slow. for example, When Bran District as first created and received its first Mayor, nothing much really happened. for around 2-3 Months nothing happened, but then the council started having weekly meetings and passing bills quite fast.

Another example, Parliament was rather unorganised until recently when they decided to move to discord and create their own rules of procedures.

I feel that yes, there is still some inactivity in the country, but when the Luke-Modena Administration takes over, Dracul will become an even brighter star than it is right now.

The Luke presidency will bring a much needed change in leader in my opinion. The main goals that the Luke Administration is planning doing is increasing citizen activity, removing useless jobs and other much needed changes.

Parliament approves constitutional changes

Monday evening was a game changer for the nation, as the newly elected Parliament voted to switch the nation’s voting system from parliament elected to first-past-the-post, commonly referred to as “popular vote”. This was in regards to Article 11, Section 2.

From the inception of Dracul, national elections were set to be voted on and confirmed by the Parliament. After realizing that many did not concur with this system, the Parliament amended the constitution to enact the new system.

In addition to the voting system, a national elections division was created, which will be responsible for ensuring election integrity, counting votes, and confirming the results. States will still be responsible for their own state and local elections. Bruce Cooper of South Dracul was nominated and confirmed as the national elections director.

Various other tasks, such as deciding which previously passed bills would remain in law took place. According to the current Parliament, since the previous Parliament was unconstitutional and not elected by the people, those laws were considered null and void.

With the recent resignation of Whisper Williams as Attorney General, Parliament also confirmed the nomination of Eugene Smith as the 5th Attorney General.

National elections will take place November 8 for President of Dracul. President Howie noted he will not be seeking re-election.

VP Luke accepts Guardian Party Presidential nomination

It came to no surprise for many that Vice President Stephen Luke would accept a nomination for President of Dracul, however several conditions such as a party switch and a new Vice Presidential pick were unexpected by many.

VP Luke stated in his acceptance speech that he would continue to improve Dracul for the better by bring back more activity, better restructure the government, and create more opportunities for those in Dracul. Luke also picked Connor Modena as his Vice President, after former Attorney General Whisper Williams resigned from his government jobs.

Current President Dmitri Howie, which for the most part of his presidency has been absent due to ongoing health, family, and business matters endorsed Luke’s Presidential campaign after he decided he would not be seeking a second term. “Stephen knows what he’s doing, he’s been devoted to this nation, especially during my absence and he would be a valuable President to Dracul.” said President Howie.

For most of Dracul’s existence, political parties didn’t exist and when they did they were rarely ever used. Over the past couple of months two political parties arose with activity, which included the Dragon Party and Guardian Party.

The Guardian Party, founded by Connor Modena and Scott Jeanes became the most popular party to join, which included a mixture of what Americans would call Republican and Libertarian.

Since VP Luke declares his views as half republican and half libertarian, it made sense for him to switch from the Dragon Party to the Guardian party, since the Dragon party was solely libertarian. There was also the fact that Luke, Modena, and Jeanes worked closely together.

The Dracul Presidential Election is set for November 8 and the inauguration is January 6, 2022. This will be the first time the community will be voting for their President. Currently there are no opponents for Luke/Modena.

First Presidential Election; are you registered to vote?

As many are aware, this November 8, 2021 will be the first Presidential Election in the Commonwealth of Dracul. A true historic moment, due to the fact that since the beginning, only members of parliament, governors, and city council positions have been elected.

The Dracul Elections Division would like to remind everyone to register to vote, even if they’re unsure of being registered. “If you’re already registered and you register again, it’s not going to harm anything” said Dracul’s current President Howie. “It’s better to be safe than sorry, because on election day it’ll be too late to register” he added.

In this Presidential election, current Vice President Stephen Luke, along with Connor Modena are running unopposed. While that might mean an automatic victory, performing your civic duty is exactly what democracy allows. “There’s also the case of someone dropping their name into the hat at the last moment” said Vice President Luke. “We aren’t expecting anyone else at the moment, but it’s always a possibility.” he added.

For those interested in voting, front homepage provides a link for citizens to register. Just select “Register to Vote” and complete the required fields. Deadline to register for this election is October 5.