First two Members of Parliament sworn in this week

PARLIAMENT – Founding Mother Kassie Hood of South Dracul, along with Paul Frye of North Dracul were sworn into Parliament this week, as the first two Members of Parliament.

The new members were voted in approximately two weeks ago, as a special election was held, due to Parliament losing a majority of their members, after the Breco Independence.

Hood was sworn in on the evening of June 7th, with Frye following on the evening of June 8th. The two have never worked closely before, however both have expressed their desires of restoring the Draculian Parliament, with frequent attendance and positive laws.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be back in Parliament, where my associates and I can bring back the good days of Dracul.” said M.P. Frye, ND. “I look forward to working alongside my new associates, as well as my former partner, M.P. Estrada.” he added.

Sarah Estrada, Bruce Cooper, and David McGee are still awaiting their swearing in ceremonies and are expected to take place at any time between this week and next.

New Parliamentary Candidates for Monday’s Election

BRAN DISTRICT – Monday the 23rd of May will bring a new election to Dracul, consisting of five candidates for Parliament. The election is in result of Breco’s Independence, which took a percentage of Dracul’s Parliament.

Candidates from both North and South Dracul are on this election’s ballot, consisting of new and former Members of Parliament. Ballots are expected to be emailed out Monday morning, with polls closing on Saturday the 28th at midnight.

“Dracul’s Parliament is back.” said President Luke in an interview on Sunday evening. “Many of our former M.P.s have been waiting to return, to devote their time to our great nation.” he added.

2022 Special Election Candidates

StatesPosition 1Position 2Position 3
North DraculDavid McGeeSarah EstradaPaul Frye
South DraculKassie BushongBruce CooperN/A

In this election, as in many others, candidates will be running unopposed. With this being the case, some are unsure the reasons for an election taking place. The answer is simple: Democracy and law. Candidates, once elected, will be sworn in the week after, with Vice President Connor Modena still leading as the Parliamentary President.

Both physical and online polling stations will close on Saturday the 28th at midnight, central daylight time. Citizens can register to vote by visiting and selecting “Register to Vote” at the top of the homepage.

Opinion: Has Parliament finally reached its full potential?

Struggles appear to be an issue of the past in Dracul’s National Parliament; something most micronational parliaments report and display publicly all the time, with pleas of more members, votes of no confidence, and resignations.

The issue of “yes men” as they’re called, where individuals neglect to review a bill, then vote yes to say they’ve done a job was a common practice among several former parliamentary members, which caused great distress and concern.

Dracul’s Parliament now consists of the most active and dedicated number of Parliamentary members Dracul has ever witnessed. Not only is every region represented, but all members have engaged in actual debate, summary introduction of their bills, and taken action as necessary. Now, there are rare occasions of members missing session; an issue that used to be annoyingly repetitive.

Senator Scott Jeanes of Breco Territory has mentioned several times of his displeasure in seeing a disorganized and short staffed Parliament. President Luke when asked stated he never felt this day would come, but was glad to be proven wrong.

“From 2018 to this last month, things have always gone wrong in the Parliament.” said President Luke. “Former members would never look at bills and just randomly vote, members would never show up, several members never introduced bills, and debate was rarely heard of.”

“I’d say last night’s senate session went quite well. Probably the best session we’ve ever had, believe me. It was also quite successful for the Blue Party, as the results of Bill 39 and 40 went the way we pushed for.” said Senator Karl Frederick. “We got the new immigration requirements to pass and the attempted infringement on religious freedom to fail. Was truly great.”

With things appearing to go in the right direction, the checks and balances in Dracul now seem to have a chance at success. Parliament elections in each state are expected to take place this month on February 7th, with ballots going out to all registered voters.

Parliament to debate legality of bill prohibiting uncertified church leaders

BRAN DISTRICT – A controversial bill is expected to be brought forth to the National Parliament on Monday, by Member of Parliament Scott Jeanes of Breco Territory. The bill moves to prohibit the start of new religious organizations without certificates or degrees of ordination.

At least two Members of Parliament have called the bill “ridiculous” and “outlandish”, viewing the proposed bill as a violation of the first amendment. Individuals like MP Jeanes take the stance that the bill doesn’t prohibit practicing religion, but the running of a church business itself. The first amendment does not specifically mention businesses, but others view religious businesses as “practicing religion”.

“I simply think that this bill, although I do agree religious institutions should have proper credentials, is simply to extreme because it gives the government the ability to shut them down.” said Karl Frederick, MP. “Also, this bill violates the 1st amendment of Dracul which is, Parliament shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof“.

Bruce Cooper, a South Dracul Senator had another view on the bill. “This bill is not prohibiting religious practice, its stopping people from teaching false teachings.” he said. “Anyone can say their a minister of whatever religion, but it is another thing when you have credentials saying that you know what your talking about.”

Dracul in recent weeks has seen an increase in the creation of religious organizations. Christian, Catholic, and Norse Paganism are just to name a few. This increase came months after a post for additional religious leaders were requested within the Commonwealth.

Monday’s Parliament session had a vote of 1-3 with the nays having it, stopping the bill from being passed. There were many minutes of debate held, with President Luke being called upon to vote his view. President Luke said, “If 20 people want to create a religion, stating unicorns are the God of the universe, we are in no position to stop them from believing or creating such religion. If a religion commits acts of violence or threats towards another, then it can be considered a terrorist organization.”

Bran District Citizens required to select new region before March 2022

BRAN DISTRICT – Due to a recent decision made by the Dracul Parliament, those who currently reside within Bran District will be required to relocate to another region of Dracul before the end of March 2022. The decision was a result of past leadership issues, poor citizen participation, and the initial plan of Bran District being a center for government activities only.

When Bran District was first formed, the plan was for the capital of Dracul to be placed within it, to prevent either North or South Dracul from having advantage over the other. Once the plan was executed and the capital was relocated from North Dracul to Bran District, there were several within the Draculian Government who announced their views that anyone should be able to reside within it. Opposition challenged this view at first, which viewed it as unnecessary to open another region to residents, especially since North and South Dracul were already struggling with gaining new citizens and keeping activity constant. Regardless of the opposition, the decision was made to allow Draculians to claim residency within Bran District.

Shortly after Bran District received its new citizens, controversy ensued, as Mayors found themselves in hot water over various issues, ranging from stolen valor to poor management. The city ultimately made the decision to dissolve the Mayor position, leaving the City Council in charge of operating the district. After the Bran Conflict of 2021 erupted and martial law was enacted by President Howie, the military installed a Military Governor to ensure proper restructuring of the city. This restructuring was short lived, as Bran District once again fell into inactivity and a lack of leaders.

Bran District is now a government only region, meaning only government business is conducted within it. Citizens are still welcomed to visit, but are not able to claim residency to it. With this new decision being passed, emails will start going out current Bran District citizens who’ve not yet relocated, giving them the option of the new region of their choosing. Those who do not respond by March 2022 will be moved to another region at random.

President Luke signs Executive Order banning character assassination

BRAN DISTRICT – President Stephen Luke signed Executive Order 0005 into law on Tuesday evening, as an additional one to his already existing three, which he signed on January 8th. The other executive orders included the creation of the Dracul Astronomy Research Organization, one to declare pedophilia as terrorism, and creating Workers’ Day as a new national holiday.

Executive Order 0005 focuses on the subject of personal disagreement, specifically when individuals cannot find a compromise in the middle of a heated disagreement and attacking one’s character comes into play. There have been previous incidents in Dracul where individuals have gone out of their way to destroy the reputation of others, simply because they did not agree or conform to other views. The government finally had enough of it and took action as they saw fit.

“There will always be moments when two or more will not agree on the same thing.” said President Luke after signing the bill into law. “Disagreement is part of debate and will always occur. What we are signing into law is the prohibition of destroying someone’s reputation based on lies, because they won’t agree with you or because you say something they don’t like.” he added. Several Draculians have seen this executive order as a way to combat or prevent radical views and actions on others.

The executive order makes a few examples of character assassination, however does not go into full detail, as it will leave that up to courts to determine when handling cases of related incidents. The law comes a week after the incident with former ally, Cycoldia and their monarch’s actions, however the incident was not mentioned as a reason for creating the new law, as the E.O. mentioned incidents in the past.

HIM Christina I of Cycoldia soon after the initial publication of our article, condemned the Executive Order, accusing it of “effectively banning free speech”, even though the Executive Order specifically states that “free speech will not be infringed upon”, and that “ruining the reputation of another person, when their statements contain misinformation and blur the line on said disagreement”, is the part that is illegal.

“It’s awfully strange, because Her Majesty has always said that her intentions were never to bash my staff, even though it’s pretty clear by her statements in public that it was the intended goal.” said President Luke. “If she never bashed anyone, why does my executive order bother her so much? It has nothing to do with her or Cycoldia. Her release of statements is doing nothing for Cycoldia except making their once somewhat respected nation look like drama. It’s time they focus on Cycoldia. We’ve moved on past the incident and it’s time their monarch think maturely and do the same.”

Cooper wins election; sworn in as member of Parliament

SOUTH DRACUL – Bruce Cooper was sworn in as the new Member of Parliament of South Dracul on October 18, after being elected by the people of the smallest state. Although federal law states one must be at least 18 years of age for such position, an exception is allowed in the law on a case by case basis.

Cooper, the current Governor of South Dracul, is expected to resign from the position, to allow most of his time to focus on creating new laws and amendments with the rest of the national parliament. At this time it’s expected that Valeriano Anibarro (SD) or Karl Frederick (SD) might take that position.

Since his beginning in Dracul, Cooper has held various positions, such as naturalization director, Dean of Students at the former Stephen the Great University, Mayor of Bran District, and served on city councils and various other positions. Before Governor, he served as Lieutenant Governor to Katie Arnold, before her resignation due to a pregnancy complication.

Cooper’s first action on his first day in Parliament was introducing an anti-terrorism bill aimed at preventing uprising (coup d’tat) attempts. According to Cooper, he has several other bills in the making that he plans to introduce at November’s first session.

Parliament approves constitutional changes

Monday evening was a game changer for the nation, as the newly elected Parliament voted to switch the nation’s voting system from parliament elected to first-past-the-post, commonly referred to as “popular vote”. This was in regards to Article 11, Section 2.

From the inception of Dracul, national elections were set to be voted on and confirmed by the Parliament. After realizing that many did not concur with this system, the Parliament amended the constitution to enact the new system.

In addition to the voting system, a national elections division was created, which will be responsible for ensuring election integrity, counting votes, and confirming the results. States will still be responsible for their own state and local elections. Bruce Cooper of South Dracul was nominated and confirmed as the national elections director.

Various other tasks, such as deciding which previously passed bills would remain in law took place. According to the current Parliament, since the previous Parliament was unconstitutional and not elected by the people, those laws were considered null and void.

With the recent resignation of Whisper Williams as Attorney General, Parliament also confirmed the nomination of Eugene Smith as the 5th Attorney General.

National elections will take place November 8 for President of Dracul. President Howie noted he will not be seeking re-election.

House of Representatives dissolved; becomes bicameral Parliament

The Dracul House of Representatives voted to dissolve itself last week, as the Parliament concluded that two houses weren’t necessary to run the nation, in addition to a shortage of legislatures since the beginning of the first session.

Eugene Smith, who was elected along with Bruce Cooper, were voted in by the North and South Dracul Parliaments, in order to have quorum to complete the task. After the dissolution, both individuals returned to their primary governmental duties; Mr. Cooper as South Dracul’s Lieutenant Governor and Mr. Smith as Trade Representative.

The Parliament plans to meet this week to go over laws and make several changes to the Constitution, as it was noted in the previous session that several procedures were not included within it.