Dracul’s Foreign Policy reminder for foreign officials and governments

The Secretary of State, in conjunction with the Executive Office of the President, would like to remind all foreign officials and governments that Dracul has a strict policy on contacting high leadership, such as the President and Vice President.

Prior to the end of last year, Dracul made a policy stating that in order to contact the President/Vice President, that contact must first be made with the President’s personal secretary, his cabinet, or the Secretary of State.

The President had a high volume of email and messenger chats earlier this week and asked that all be reminded of this policy, as not only is he recovering from a recent medical issue, but the fact that his work load is higher than usual.

This policy helps organize contact with other foreign officials. When the President is overwhelmed by unsolicited emails and requests for recognition, these messages may become lost or forgotten about. While some may feel their need for contact is urgent, it may in actuality not need the attention of the President or Vice President.

To make proper contact or request a meeting with the President/Vice President, typically for urgent matters, contact information is provided below:

We certainly appreciate your understanding in this matter and thank you in advance for your respect to our policy.

Bran House Operations Director

Bruce Cooper – bcooper@draculgov.com

President’s Secretary

Katelynn Arnold – karnold@draculgov.com

Chief of Staff

Scott Jeanes – sjeanes@draculgov.com

Secretary of State

Valeriano Anibarro – vanibarro@draculgov.com

Dracul State Department limits new mutual recognition for micronations

APRIL 20, 2022 – The Department of State of the Commonwealth of Dracul has ceased the online application process for micronations wishing to establish mutual recognition with Dracul. Prior to this decision, micronational leaders had the ability to apply for recognition on Draculgov.com, if they met the requirements outlined by the Department of State.

The decision was made by the Office of the President, in conjunction with Secretary of State Valeriano Anibarro, during a phone conference on April 19, 2022. Both offices felt this was a necessary move, due to various issues that come with mutual recognition.

The primary reason for this decision was based on how President Luke explained it, which was due to the fact that most micronations that receive recognition usually disappear, without further contact with the mutual micronation. At times, micronations will not continue to pursue additional steps, such as trade agreements, alliances, or mutual projects to better one another’s nation.

Recognition will now be offered by Dracul on a case by case basis, to micronations who show a continued interest, such as support in campaigns, projects, alliances, and longevity. This is a similar practice carried out by other micronations, such as Molossia and Westarctica.

Micronations that are currently recognized will be evaluated this week on the basis of shown continued interest, communication, and support. Those who do not make the cut will lose recognition.

Dracul Recognition of Venezuela’s 2015 National Assembly and Interim President Guaidó

APRIL 18, 2022 – The Commonwealth of Dracul continues to acknowledge Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president and the legally elected 2015 National Assembly as the final remaining democratic institution. We applaud the accord agreed to extend the power of the National Assembly, which was elected in 2015, and its president, interim President Juan Guaidó.

The Commonwealth of Dracul stands with the people of Venezuela in their aspiration for a peaceful return to democracy through free and fair elections. The Venezuelan people have been robbed of democratic self-determination due to the Maduro regime’s pattern of political repression, pervasive human rights violations, and significant limits on political and civil society actors and freedom of expression. We support the Unitary Platform’s and other actors’ efforts in Venezuela to restore democratic order and the rule of law.

We urge Nicolás Maduro to re-enter the Mexico negotiations in good faith and for the sake of the Venezuelan people. We advocate international cooperation in order to alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people and end the humanitarian problems in the country.