Dracul hosts virtual state visit with Obscurium

Chancellor Stephen Luke and President Zar Antonov met via video call on Monday at noon, to begin diplomatic relations and learn more about one another. The state visit lasted about an hour.

Throughout the video chat, President Antonov provided general information about Obscurium, while Chancellor Luke gave details about Dracul.

President Antonov expressed great detail about his misfortunate visit to the United States, where he was rejected for reasons regarding proper documentation. Once arriving in Germany, police gave him a less than friendly welcome, including an interrogation over his equipment and his clothes.

“They treated me like a criminal.” said President Antonov. “I tried explaining what a micronation is, but it only seemed to make them more suspicious of me.” he added. He was later released without charges, but is seeking legal counsel on what he said was a violation of his rights.

Other topics of discussion included Obscurium’s reasons for forming, including a disagreement with German politics, as well as a new beginning for Antonov.

After the virtual state visit, the two continued their discussion in private, trading experiences in each other’s countries. Obscurium said they plan on visiting Dracul, however they’re not sure on when they may return to the U.S.

History Made: Dracul officially becomes a Constitutional Monarchy

BRAN DISTRICT – Dracul became a Constitutional Monarchy on Monday evening, as a vote of 3-2 put the proposal into effect. Various observers watched on YouTube and Discord as the session continued.

A week ago, Citizen Services sent out a survey to all citizens, asking for their input on adopting a ceremonial Prince into Dracul, for the purposes of Romanian history, Vlad’s legacy, and royal honors. The results came back with 83% in favor, 16% oppose.

Session began at 7:30pm sharp, with all Members of Parliament in attendance. Once old business was moved away from and the subject of the monarch system was proposed, two members voiced their reservations against the idea, citing it was not important at the moment and that other problems needed to be visited first, however no specific problems were mentioned by either of the two when asked.

Once Speaker Modena addressed their concerns, the voting began, which led to 3 in support, 2 abstained. The next subject of business was title changes for the President and Vice President, to the titles of Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. That vote passed 5-0.

With Dracul now being an crowned republic, the next step is for Parliament to designate specifics on the initial election process, as well as explaining the heir process, in the event the future Prince was to pass away or abdicate.

James I of Great Hanover

Currently, James I of Great Hanover, and the Founder and first King of Scone, is the Prince Candidate and expected to be decided upon by the Founder’s Committee and Parliament, within the next 3-6 months. This will allow His Majesty, as well as Dracul to become fully comfortable with one another, and to ensure both are satisfied with the position.

Parliament as of tonight is currently in recess, expected to meet again within two weeks.

This is currently a story in development. Details may be inaccurate and are subject to change.

President Luke to give State of the Union Address tonight at 9pm central

BRAN DISTRICT – President Luke is scheduled to give his State of the Union Address tonight at 9pm central, in front of Parliament and the rest of the Draculian community.

The event is expected to be broadcasted on the Dracul YouTube channel. Topics of the address are the successes of 2021, along with January and February of 2022.

Future goals of the next four years is a discussion of importance, which is also expected to be mentioned. Those who’ve benefited Dracul, along with friends and allies are expected to receive recognition.

President Luke hopes many will tune in for this important broadcast, as it will be Dracul’s first State of the Union Address delivered by the President himself.

Former SOTU addresses were delivered by Luke, as he served as Vice President under President Howie, due to the former President’s lengthy absence.

The event is expected to last approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much detail is mentioned about each topic. Special awards are also a possibility of discussion.