MicroCon 2023 set to take place near “the Windy City”

An announcement for the location of MicroCon 2023 was made on Saturday, for the city of Joliet, Illinois. Queen Carolyn of Ladonia has been selected to host the event.

Dates and times have not yet been publicly announced, however it’s know that the target date is some time around the end of June.

Usually a large venue, such as a banquet hall or conference room are booked for these conventions. No word yet on if hotel rooms will be reserved for attendees.

President Luke of Dracul expressed his excitement for next year’s convention, stating his intentions on attending, and citing other Draculians in government living in Illinois, also determined to attend.

Ongoing health issues were the source for President Luke’s absence at this year’s convention.

Something new about this MicroCon is that a European version will launch just a few weeks after the American based one, giving European micronations the opportunity to attend a MicroCon; some for the first time.

Ladonia is expected to launch a website this week for the convention, providing more details on the event and its venue. Website will be posted here once available.

Editor’s note: This article has undergone multiple revisions since initial publication. Details changed and may continue to.