Is Dracul a Monarchy? Who is President? – Here are all the questions about Dracul’s Govt’ transition answered.

Source: Hansjörg Keller via Unsplash


The recent transition of government style has undoubtedly been a great change to Dracul – The recent establishment of the Prince, and the rebranding of the executive branch has likely been the most noticeable. In this article we will showcase all the changes to be expected, and how they will change the government.

The New Ceremonial Monarch:

The recent establishment of position of Prince of Dracul has led many to believe that nation had shifted to a complete-monarchy. Despite the confusion, the Draculian Senate made it abundantly during session(s) that the newly established position (put into effect by SB42) would reflect the Prince’s power as being solely ceremonial. An outline of exact powers and duties has not yet been publicised, though the Senate has shed light on a few:

  • Award & bestow Royal titles
  • Become Dracul’s new Head-of-State
  • Attend Dracul events
  • Provide guidance as a Senior Member of Dracul’s leadership

The Executive Branch & Federal Government:

The Government of Dracul has remained largely unchanged since the adaptation, though one major change that everyone is bound to notice is the renaming of two-former highest ranking Draculian’s.

  • The Senate Bill 43, passed on Sept. 5th, withdrew the former titles of President and Vice-President.
  • SB43 indicated that, if passed, would convert President to Chancellor and VP to Vice-Chancellor.
  • Dracul now officially identifies as a “Constitutional Monarchy” with a strictly-ceremonial Prince.
  • The position of Prince will withhold no governmental power, and will be strictly a ceremonial position.


Looking at the flip side of Dracul’s history of rejecting the idea of a Monarchy, Dracul now identifies as one. Though being strictly a “figurehead”, it is heavily anticipated the change will not only spark activity, but turn a fresh page on Draconian history.

Look out for updates on the upcoming Prince-Candidate on our social platforms:

President Luke gives speech for those attending MicroCon 2022

HOUSTON – President Luke gave a short speech for those attending MicroCon 2022, due to his expected absence from the event, due to ongoing health issues and a busy work schedule.

Dracul was unable to find an available representative in the President’s place, so Dracul will not be attending the convention this year, either.

In President Luke’s speech, he addressed the importance of MicroCon for the micronational community, along with reasons for its importance. Other topics spoken on were professionalism, respect, and the news media’s interpretation of micronationalism.

MicroCon 2019, which took place in Hamilton, Canada. Many of those attendees are expected at Vegas 2022’s convention as well.

Most who read about micronationalism in the news typically see biased articles, describing the community as odd in weird in different variations. President Luke felt it was necessary to speak about these topics, since the community desires to be taken seriously.

The President finished his speech by wishing all of those attending much success in their educational and recruiting mission with non-micronationalists attending. While Dracul may not be present at the convention, several of their friends and mutually recognized nations will, which will mostly lead to Dracul being discussed at the convention.

The President stated he intends on attending the next convention in 2024.